Karpathos Greece

A hidden gem of Greece


A beautiful gem of Greece: Karpathos is an amazing island, where great beaches, charming villages and old traditions can be discovered on a holiday.

This ancient land between Crete and Rhodes is known as one of the best kept secrets in Greece, which combines wild landscapes with ancient traditions, charming settlements and a lot of hidden gems.

Karpathos Greece

Keep in mind that you can travel to Karpathos island by domestic flights from Greece and international flights from several countries of Europe, and this tiny island can be reached by ferries also.

Visit Karpathos, and fall in love with this tiny Dodecanese island!

About Karpathos Island

There are a lof of informations, which you should know about Karpathos island (Κάρπαθος in Greek language) before travelling. Learn where to find and how to get there, and what are the highlights of this exceptional place.

Travel guide about Karpathos

Meet the the basics: know more about location, geography, population and the local traditions, so everything that matters.


Crystal clear waters and incredible blue colours of the Aegean Sea define Karpathos beaches, which belong to the top places of Greece.

The beaches of Karpathos are extremely varied, where travellers can find their favourites: there can be find family friendly, sandy beaches for children and there are also a lot of gems for snorkeling and diving.

Karpathos beaches

You can discover beautiful places such as the famous Apella beach or the picturesque Kyra Panagia beach, or the best beaches of Lefkos or Amoopi.

Sights and attractions

An island, where discovering the best attractions is a great adventure. By visiting Karpathos sights you can see breathtaking natural scenery, tiny churches and chapels, with anciant historical sights and monuments.

What to see in Karpathos, sights and attractions

There are a lot of great places which definitely worth a visit in Karpathos for a sightseeing, such as historical monuments, ancient towns. Read this detailed travel guide for top sights and hidden gems, and don’t forget to visit on your holiday!


Villages and resorts

The villages of Karpathos are unique and beautiful, where you can find popular tourist resorts, small fishing villages and mountain settlements.

Most of the local villages have calm and peaceful atmospheres, even the most popular resorts are ideal for a relaxing holiday. Take a sightseeing tour in the interesting capital Pigadia, the living folklore museum of Olymbos (Olympos) with ancient history and old traditions, or the beloved coastal resorts of Kato Lefkos or Amoopi.


Informations which you should know about the weather of Karpathos island by months.

Weather of Karpathos by months and sea temperatures

True mediterranean, characterized by hot June, July and August with mild winters. Karpathos weather is quite similar to other southern islands in Greece, but there are some things which are good to know. The winds of Karpathos can be strong sometimes due to Meltemi (Etesian) wind, which blow over the Aegean Sea.

Let’s see what you should know about the weather, wind information and statistics…

Why travel to Karpathos

There are a lot of amazing islands in Greece, which are always great to visit in 2023, but Karpathos island is definitely one of the best destinations of the year.

Visit Karpathos

If you are looking for the best holiday in Greece, Karpathos island is always a top choice. This island is never so owercrowded as other popular places in the Mediterranean, so if you like unharmed beauty, you will like it!


About Karpathos Airport, before you visit this island: flights, airlines and the history of the airport.

The building of Karpathos National Airport


A special place for special people: enjoy the best windsurf and kitesurf capabilities.

Windsurf in Karpathos island

In Greece Karpathos windsurf is famous for its unique wind conditions, because the special winds of the island offer a lof of options.

Where to stay

Before travelling to Karpathos, it’s important to check the local accommodations, and reading reviews. The apartments and hotels of the villages offer wide range of accommodation options, from the budget rooms up to the best hotels and villas.

Take a look to the local apartments, compare the prices and book your favourite.

Karpathos island apartments, studios

Karpathos Travel guide for 2023

Read the articles of our Karpathosinfo Travel Guide and get to know more informations about this charming island. The photos and the detailed descriptions help you by sightseeing, by planning a holiday or before you book an accommodation.

Vrontis beach Pigadia Karpathos

Vrontis beach

Vrontis beach is located near Pigadia, capital of Karpathos, and it is the one of the longest beaches on the island. This beach is usually known as Pigadia beach also,…

Archeological Museum of Karpathos, Pigadia

Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

The Archeological Museum of Karpathos (Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Καρπάθου) is a small, but important museum in Pigadia, with an interesting collection of ancient artifacts. Where to find the Archeological Museum in…

Pigadia beach Karpathos island

Pigadia beach

One of the most popular beaches of Karpathos: Pigadia beach is a well organized area next to the capital. This place is a really bustling place on the island during…

Damatria beach in Karpathos

Damatria beach

Damatria is one of the nice beaches in the south part of Karpathos island, which offer an interesting mixture of white pebbles and golden sand. The beach is near to…

Agios Theodoros beach in Karpathos island Greece

Agios Theodoros beach

Agios Theodoros beach (or Παραλία Άγιος Θεόδωρος in Greek) is an interesting beach of Karpathos with orange coloured rocks and emerald sea colours, on the southwestern side of the island….

Karpathos kitesurf

Kitesurf in Karpathos

Kitesurf is one of the most popular surf styles in Karpathos, because the island offers some great kitesurf spots. Karpathos island is famous for its unique wind conditions, because from…

Kato Lefkos apartments, hotels, studios

Lefkos apartments, hotels, studios 2023

Kato Lefkos is a charming fishing village on the west coast of Karpathos, which has great beaches. In the area of Lefkos apartments and studios are the most common, but…

Karpathos weather

Karpathos weather 2023

Karpathos weather information with detailed description. What’s the weather like and what are the best times for travel? Infos about Karpathos weather by months, including sea temperatures of the year….

Vatha beach in Kipi Afiartis (Karpathos)

Vatha beach

Vatha beach, or Paralia Vatha (Παραλία Βαθα in Greek) is the largest and longest beach in Kipi Afiarti, Karpathos. There is also an interesting nickname of Vatha beach, which is…

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