Achata beach in Karpathos island Greece

Achata beach

Achata beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Karpathos, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. Achata, or Ahata is known as a hidden gem of Karpathos island, which has great snorkeling options and calm atmospheres.

Achata beach Karpathos Greece

Location and access

Achata beach is located on the east coast of Karpathos island, the nearest village is Aperi about 5 kilometers away. The capital of Karpathos, Pigadia is not far away either, with its distance of 12 kilometers. The access of Achata beach (Paralia Achata) is quite simple, because near Aperi there are some road signs which show the right way, where you must turn off the main road.

Achata beach location in Karpathos island near Aperi

It’s important to know that after you have leave the main road the route is narrow and winding in the valley, but it takes not too long, just about 3,5 kilometeres. There are some bends where just one car can fit, but if you watch the oncoming traffic and drive carefully, it can be handled.

Road to Achata beach

Before you arrive to the beach, you will meet the small chapel of Achata, which is near to the end of the road, and you can spend a few minutes here if you want. This tiny church with its whitewashed walls is a charming sight of the area, which was built next to the road in valley of Achata. From this place you can see the emerald and turquouse coloured waters of Achata beach and its steep cliffs.

Chapel of Achata

After leaving the chapel the road leads directly to the parking lot ot Achata beach, where who arrives early, can find some natural shade under some old tamarisk trees.

Achata beach parking lot

Why is Achata one of Karpathos best beaches?

Achata beach is a small, but an organized place in Karpathos island with a restaurant called ‘Annas Traditional Taverna’, which offer meal and drinks for guests. The beach is filled with parasols and sunbeds during summer months, but Achata is usually not so much crowded during the months of the summer, except some high season days.

View to Achata beach

The seabed is filled with pebbles and some stones also, in its deeper parts with some rocks. If you visit Achata beach, don’t forget your diving goggles, because the marine life of the sea is usually vibrant.

Achata beach Karpathos island

Due to its interesting seabed Achata is ideal for snorkel, many visitors say that this is one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in Karpathos island. When the sea is calm, the clarity of the water can be really impressive with 40-50 meters visual range. One of the best snorkel sites of Achata beach is at the small rock in the sea near the coast, where the marine life is usually the most significant.

Snorkel in Karpathos at Achata beach

Boat trips and excursions which depart from Pigadia sail in the bay often, offering open water swimming.

Achata beach, one of the best beaches of Karpathos

Achata beach is beloved by many due its natural beauty, and make it listed as one of the best beaches in Karpathos island. As you can see on photos, the beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, which shapes a really interesting small valley. The pines which grow on the surrounding cliffs make greener the area, and if you listen you can hear the music of cicadas.

Achata beach (Ahata) in Karpathos island

In the valley of Achata you will see how many amazing caves were formed by the nature, almost everywhere. These caves are filled with a million years old stalactites and stalagmites, but most of these caves are unfortunately too small, and situated too high to discover. In the southern side of the beach there are some sea caves, but always be careful by discovering these.

Achata beach photo in Karpathos island Greece
What to find in Achata beach

If you are on a holiday in Karpathos island, Greece and you would like to visit a hidden gem, Achata beach can be definitely recommended.

Karpathos hidden gems, Achata beach
Karpathos Achata beach

Achata beach additional info

  • Also known as: Ahata beach, Ahatta, Paralia Achata
  • Coordinates: 35.556704,27.202896
  • Location: 14 kilometers from Pigadia, near Aperi village
  • Sea water color: green, blue
  • Sand type: pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities: tavern / food and drink bar (Annas Traditional Taverna), parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: recommended for snorkeling
  • Accessibility: asphalt road
  • Wind conditions: rarely windy
  • Other beaches nearby: Vrontis beach (9 km), Affoti beach (9,5 km), Limniatis beach (10 km), Pigadia beach (11 km), Kato Lakkos beach (11 km) Kyra Panagia beach (12 km)

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Achata beach by boat
Achata beach sea cave
Parking at Achata beach
Holiday in Achata beach, Karpathos island
Achata beach panoramic view

Have a great time by visiting Achata beach in Karpathos, Greece!

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