Karpathos Amoopi Ammopi Lakki

Amoopi (Ammopi, Lakki)

Amoopi is a small seaside resort of Karpathos island with several amazing beaches, just a few kilometers away from the capital, Pigadia. The village is known also by other names: Ammopi, Lakki (Λακκί in Greek) indicate the same place, depending on the map you are looking at.

Due to its varied beaches and to the short distance from the airport of Karpathos Amoopi is one of the most popular destinations among travellers.

Amoopi Lakki Karpathos (Ammopi)
Amoopi (Λακκί) 857 00
Location: 6 kilometers to Pigadia
Coordinates on map: 35.586736, 27.177188

Amoopi location and access in Karpathos

Amoopi is located in the southeast coastline of Karpathos, 10 kilometers away from the airport and 6 kilometers away from Pigadia. The village can be accessed through the main road which runs on the east coast, just follow the blue road signs between the airport and capital. The village has entrances from the north and from south both, depending from which direction you will arrive.

Amoopi Lakki information, location

The narrow streets lead directly to the beach between the apartments, hotels and villas of Amoopi, but signboards also help you find your way around, showing the beaches and accommodations. In the central areas you can park your car next to the road or in one of the parking lots, which were built near the road.

The central parking lot can be find next to the largest beaches of Amoopi, between Votsalakia beach and Mega Amoopi beach, and easy to recognize for its coastal church Agia Apostoloi (Αγ. Απόστολοι).

View to Amoopi, Lakki in Karpathos island

Amoopi can be reached also by local bus transport from the bus station of Pigadia, the trip takes just about 15 minutes between the the destinations. The bus stop is located in the center, behind Votsalakia beach.

Travel Guide with photos

Amoopi is a well developed area in Karpathos island, the surrounding hills are filled with well maintained apartments, villas and hotels. The buildings are slightly further from each other, separated by small gardens, trees and hills from each other, so visitors can’t see here too much overcrowded areas. Due to this feature it’s easy to walk here 2-3 kilometers between the edges of the settlement.

Amoopi (Ammopi) Lakki in Karpathos island

Most of the houses were built in the last decades, and are relatively modern, but because of the whitewashed walls and flat roofs, some visitors have an impression that Amoopi offer traditional Greek, Aegean atmospheres.

Hotels, apartments in Lakki Amoopi

On the streets of Ammopi visitors meet some important services which can be useful during holidays, but it is not just a seaside resort, its population is 122 (2011 census) who live here all year round.

Info about Amoopi Lakki in Karpathos

Next to the narrow and winding roads restaurants and beach bars waiting for guests, and some small supermarkets are also open. The best restaurants of Amoopi are Kasos Restaurant Taverna, Four Seasons Restaurant (Ταβέρνα 4 Εποχές), Calypso Restaurant, Taverna Nina, Dimitrios Taverna and Amoopi Nymfes Taverna. The settlement lies on a large territory, but almost every part of the village has its own restaurant, so you have no need to worry about the meal.

Amoopi restaurants and taverns

In the central areas ATM and mini market with some basic stuff can be find, so it is not necessary to drive into Karpathos town for smaller things, snacks or drinks. The nightlife of Amoopi is not significant, because the village has no such seaside promenade as in Pigadia, so it is limtited to the taverns and beach bars of the area.

Amoopi Lakki late afternoon
Taverns, restaurants, supermarkets in Amoopi
Amoopi nightlife
Amoopi nightlife

Amoopi beach info

If you ask someone about Amoopi who has already been here, its beaches will definitely be mentioned. The coastline of the area is extremely varied here in Karpathos island, therefore the beaches of Amoopi village (Lakki) can be recommended for everyone who are looking for wide range of beaches within a small area.

Amoopi beaches (Lakki)

Amoopi is known as one of the few villages in Karpathos which offer sandy beaches, which can be suitable for smaller children and for every member of the family. The local child friendly beaches are known as Little Amoopi beach (Mikro Amoopi) and Mega Amoopi beach (Pera Ammos), situated in the north part of the village.

Mega Amoopi beach, Karpathos sandy beaches

These beaches are full organized with parasols, sunbeds, taverns and can be accessed well, because from the central parts the walk takes just about 5-10 minutes. The seabed is shallow at these places and filled mainly by golden sand, making suitable for a swim and for smaller children also.

Sandy and child friendly beach in Karpathos island

Recommended beach for snorkeling and diving in Amoopi is known as Votsalakia beach, in the center of the village, and due to its rocky seabed offer exceptional snorkeling options. Votsalakia has unique look and can be recognize at first sight for the sandstone cliffs of the background.

Karpathos Votsalakia beach Amoopi Lakki

The next beaches are known as Kastelia beach and Kastelia bay (Maounas beach), which belong to the best snorkeling sites in Karpathos island also. These places are connected to each other by a footway behind the beach, from where stairs and narrow trails lead down to the sea.

Kastelia beach Amoopi

The southernmost beaches can be reached on a 3 kilometer long and winding road from the central areas, these places are Fokia beach (Paralia Fokia, Παραλία Φώκια) and Adriakia beach (Παραλία Αδριακιά). The seabed of the southern beaches are covered by stones and rocks, and usually this is the most windy place. Fokia beach is slightly organized during summer months, but Adriaka beach is just an abandoned bay with large stones.

Fokia Amoopi

Most of Amoopi beaches are protected from the winds in Karpathos, but it depends from the actual direction of the winds. On the heights the force of the winds may feel like strong, but when you reach the sea (especially in Votsalakia and Kastelia beach) the strength of the winds are reduced.

Wind information in Amoopi, Karpathos

What to see in Amoopi, sights and attractions

Altough the main attractions and best sights are the amazing beaches of the area, on a sightseeing there can be find some gems. Everyone meets the coastal church of Amoopi, Agia Apostoloi (Αγ. Απόστολοι) which was built between Votsalakia beach and Mega Amoopi beach.

Sights and attractions in Amoopi

The whitewashed walls and the blue dome of the church can be seen from many places of Amoopi due to its special location, surrounded by some pine trees and bushes. From the garden of the church visitors can see the best views to Votsalakia beach and to the sandy Amoopi beach both.

Church of Amoopi, Agia Apostoloi

The other mentionable attraction of Amoopi is an another church, the church of Agios Georgios (Άγιος Γεώργιος), which was built next to the road which leads from the north into the center of the village. If you climb up the stairs of the church, panoramic views are awaiting.

Amoopi sights, Agios Georgios church

For other interesting sights of the area you need to visit Pigadia by bus or by car. In the capital of Karpathos you can visit the Archeological Museum, the picturesque port, you can walk on narrow alleys between the colorful houses.

Where to stay? Hotels and apartments

Amoopi village (Ammopi) is one of the best coastal resorts in Karpathos island, which offer several great beaches and calm atmospheres for a holiday.

Some of the local beaches are sandy and child friendly, which can be recommended for families with smaller kids. Pigadia is also near with its boat trips and several tourist services, and can be visited quick and easy from here.

For the hotels, apartments and studios of Amoopi just click here, or take a look the the travellers recommendations below.

Best hotels

Althea Boutique Hotel

Althea Boutique Hotel in Amoopi Karpathos

Apartments and studios
Up to 2-4 guests

Argo Hotel ***

Argo Hotel Amoopi Lakki

Rooms and apartments
Up to 2-4 guests

Ardani Bay Studios

Ardani bay studios in Amoopi Lakki

Studios and apartments
Up to 2-4 guests

Vardes Hotel Studios

Amoopi Vardes Hotel Studios

Studios for 2-3 guests

B & N Melas Studios

B&N Melas Studios in Amoopi Lakki Karpathos

Studios for 2 guests

Anatoli Villas

Anatoli Villas Karpathos

Villas for 2 guests

Askelinos Villas

Askelinos villas in Amoopi

Two bedroom villas up for 4 guests

Amoopi Nymfes Royal

Amoopi Nymfes Royal in Karpathos

Apartments and rooms for 2 guests

Silene Villas

Amoopi Silene Villas

Villas with private pool, up to 4 guests

Tranquil Villa with sea view

Tranquil villa with sea view in Amoopi

Holiday home up to 4 guests

Esperida Rooms & Studios

Esperida rooms and studios in Amoopi Karpathos

Rooms and studios for 2-4 guests

Maria Apartments

Maria Apartments Amoopi

Rooms and apartments up to 3-4 guests

Studios Nina

Studios Nina Ammopi

Studios and apartments
Up to 2-4 guests

Castelia Bay Hotel

Kastelia Bay Hotel in Amoopi

Rooms for 2 guests

Scarpantos Studios

Scarpantos Karpathos

Studios for 2-3 guests

Anastasia Luxury Apts

Karpathos Anastasia Luxury Apartments in Amoopi

Deluxe studios for 2 guests

Serenity Villa

Serenity Villa in Karpathos Amoopi

Two bedroom villa
Up to 8 guests

Olympos Studios

Olympos Studios in Karpathos

Studios for 2 guests

Elaia Villas

Elaia Villas Amoopi

Villas up to 5 guests

Mihalis Studios

Mihalis Studios

Studios for 2 guests

Sophid Wellness Suites

Karpathos Sophid Wellness suites

Villas and suites with private pool for 2-3 guests

Aros Luxury Villas

Aros Luxury Villas, Amoopi Karpathos

Two bedroom villas with pool for 2-3 guests

Isanema Villas

Isanema Villas

Villas with private pool up to 3-4 guests

Tranquil Villa

Tranquil Villa Amoopi Karpathos

Villas with private pool up to 3-4 guests

Amoopi (Lakki) info

  • Known as: Amoopi, Ammopi, Lakki, Λακκί
  • Location: 6 kilometers away from Pigadia, 10 kilometers away from Karpathos Airport
  • Coordinates: 35.476022, 27.196688
  • Population: 122 (census 2011)
  • Access: asphalted road, by car, by local buses from Pigadia bus station
  • Karpathos 857 00 Greece
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