Arkasa Arcesine apartments, hotels and studios reviews

Arkasa apartments and hotels 2024

Arkasa is a unique place on the west coast of Karpathos island. Let’s check Arkasa apartments, studios and hotel rooms, which can be booked for a holiday in 2024. These accommodations were reviewed by travellers and recommended by real guests, and you can check the photos also.

Royal Beach Hotel ****

Arkasa Royal Beach Hotel

Rooms for 3-4 guests near the Agios Nikolaos beach of Arkasa

Yiannis Hotel **

Yiannis Hotel in Arkasa

Studios and rooms
Up to 2-3 guests

St. Nicolas (Saint Nikolas) Bungalows

St. Nikolas Bungalows in Karpathos Greece

Studios, apartments and bungalows near the sea
Up to 2-4 guests

Seaside studios

Seaside studios Arkasa

Studios with sea view
For 2 guests

Summer Breeze Apartments

Summer Breeze Apartments in Arkasa

Up to 4+3 guests

Blue Sea Studios

Blue Sea Studios Arkasa

Studios for 2 guests

Alpha Studios

Alpha studios Karpathos Arkasa

Standard and deluxe studios for 2 guests

Arkasa Palace

Arkasa Palace

Studios, normal and superior suites
Up to 2-3 guests

Palaiokastro View

Palaiokastro View Apartments in Arkasa

Apartments for 2 guests

Elenis Studios

Elenis Studios in Arkasa

Studios and apartments
Up for 2-3 guests

Thalasidi Luxury Suites

Thalasidi suites in Arkasa

Rooms for 2 guests

Sunset Suites Annada

Sunset Suites Annada

Suites for 2-4 guests

Have a great holiday in the best Arkasa apartments and hotels in Karpathos island! For more infos about Arkasa just read the description of the village.

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