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Arkasa (Arcesine)

Arkasa is one of the largest villages in Karpathos island, and it is known as Arcesine, or Αρκάσα in Greek. The town is located in the southwest, about 15 kilometers to Pigadia and 11 kilometers to the airport.

Arkasa Arcesine Αρκάσα 857 00
Location: 18 kilometers to Pigadia
Coordinates on map: 35.477438, 27.118806

Informations about Arkasa in Karpathos island

This town is one of the oldest settlements in Karpathos, because it was built on the ruins of Arkesia, an ancient city of Greece which flourished thousands of years ago. The name ‘Arkasa – Αρκάσα’ comes from Arkesia, and the ‘Arcesine’ is also originated from the ancient city.

Arkasa is located directly on the west coast in Karpathos island, surrounded by some barren hills. The population is 531 (census 2011), so the town is quite important for tourism with a few shops, apartments, taverns and some services.

Arkasa Karpathos Greece (Arcesine)

The houses of the village were built amphiteatrically over the hills, and some of these offer panoramic views to the sea. A small canal bisects the settlement into two parts, but there are some small bridges for predestrians and for the road traffic. Arkasa can be reached easy from the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia by car, by public bus transport or by scooter, the trip takes about 20′ minutes.

Access and location of Arkasa (Arcesin)
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What to see and what to do in Arkasa (Arcesine)

This small town of Karpathos is a calm and quiet place most of the year, even during the summer months. As the summer comes, the number of the visitors increases, but the atmospheres of Arkasa remain calm. You can found here some traditional taverns, coffee bars, souvenir shops, car rental agencies, so the village is well prepared for visitors.

What to see in Arkasa, sights and attractions

Visitors can take a walk on the paved streets, take a look to the tiny chapels, or just relax on the beach – enjoy the great atmospheres of Karpathos! Arkasa don’t have a long promenade at the beach or picturesque port, but the traditional houses of the center are well maintaned and have nice look.

Arkasa streets and best restaurants

The town has supermarket and pharmacy near the main road, so you don’t have to go to Pigadia for these.

What to see in Arkasa or Arcesin in Karpathos Greece

What are the best sights and attractions?

One of the most important sights in Arkasa is a Byzantine temple, Church of Agia Sophia, dated from the 5th century. Agia Sophia (Εκκλησία Αγία Σοφία in Greek) has well preserved mosaic floor, showing the fine art of the predecessors. The other important historical sight is located on the Paleokastro hill (Παλαιόκαστρο), where the ruins of ancient Arkesia are located.

Arkasa sights with Paleokastro hill and ancient Arkesia

On the top of Paleokastro there lies Arkesia, or known as the Acropolis Of Ancient Arkasa (Ακρόπολη Αρχαίας Αρκάνσας), one of the most important cities in the ancient times in Karpathos island. The ruins can be reached on a hiking trail, which starts from Agia Sophia. Visitors can see ruins of some walls and a few columns here, and of course panoramic views to the west coast. One of the most important sights in Arkasa is Ypapanti church in the town center, which is the largest church of the town with whitewashed walls and beautiful bell tower.

Arkasa sights - Ypapanti church

When you visit the area, don’t forget to discover Finiki village (Φοινίκι), just 1,5 kilometers away from the town. This small settlement was the primary port or the area for centuries, and now it is a beloved seaside resort of Karpathos island. Finiki offers atmospheres of a fishing village and famous for its fish taverns and the picturesque views even in Greece.

Finiki, port of Arkasa village in Karpathos island

From Arkasa you can visit Agios Theodoros beach in the south, where a small chapel and a sandy beach with shallow waters await for visitors.

What you should know about Arkasa beach

The best beach of Arkasa is called Agios Nikolaos beach (Παραλία Άγιος Νικόλαος), which is located on the southern side of the village, about one kilometer away from the center. Agios Nikolaos is a nice beach of Karpathos island with its golden sand and emerald waters, and usually has some waves for fun.

Arkasa beach in Karpathos (Arcesine beach) or Agios Nikolaos

The area is slightly organized with a small tavern, a parking lot, and some parasols and sunbeds for rent. Due to its charm it’s definitely worth a visit, if you like sandy beaches. Agios Nikolaos beach is called by many as Arkasa beach, because this is far the best beach near Arkasa village.

The north coastline is rocky and deepens quickly – someone call it also as Arkasa beach (Παραλία Αρκάσα), but this area is not much suitable for a swim.

The beach

visit Arkasa (Arcesine) in Karpathos island

In Karpathos Arkasa offers interesting historical sights and hiking trails for visitors, with a nice golden sand beach. The sunsets are also spectacular due its western location and the unique landscape!

View to Arkasa Karpathos Greece

Where to stay in arkasa – Apartments, studios and rooms

The small town is situated about 11 kilometers away from the airport, and well connected with the capital of the island, Pigadia. Arkasa has a lot of recommended apartments with great guest reviews. For the apartments and rooms of the town just click here!

Hotels and apartments

Some recommended accommodations of Arkasa are listed below, just click the links, and a new windows opens with photos and reviews of the apartments and studios.

Seaside studios

Seaside studios Arkasa

Studios with sea view
For 2 guests

St. Nicolas (Saint Nikolas) Bungalows

St. Nikolas Bungalows in Karpathos Greece

Studios, apartments and bungalows near the sea
Up to 2-4 guests

Summer Breeze Apartments

Summer Breeze Apartments in Arkasa

Up to 4+3 guests

Montemar studios & apartments

Arkasa Montemar studios and apartments

Apartments and studios
Up to 2-4 guests

Blue Sea Studios

Blue Sea Studios Arkasa

Studios for 2 guests

Alpha Studios

Alpha studios Karpathos Arkasa

Standard and deluxe studios for 2 guests

Arkasa Palace

Arkasa Palace

Studios, normal and superior suites
Up to 2-3 guests

Palaiokastro View

Palaiokastro View Apartments in Arkasa

Apartments for 2 guests

Elenis Studios

Elenis Studios in Arkasa

Studios and apartments
Up for 2-3 guests

Yiannis Hotel **

Yiannis Hotel in Arkasa

Studios and rooms
Up to 2-3 guests

Royal Beach Hotel

Arkasa Royal Beach Hotel

Rooms for 3-4 guests near the Agios Nikolaos beach of Arkasa

Sight, attractions in Arcesin (Arkasa) village Karpathos island Greece

Arkasa General info

  • Location: 18 kilometers to Pigadia, 11 km to Karpathos Airport
  • Coordinates: 35.477438, 27.118806
  • Population: 531 (census 2011), with Finiki 564
  • Can be accessed via asphalt road

Arkasa Arcesine Αρκάσα 857 00 Greece

Arkasa Arcesin
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