Karpathos best beaches

Karpathos best beaches for 2024

An amazing island in Greece, where a lot of great beaches can be find: Karpathos best beaches are breathtaking places. These gems are voted often as the most beautiful beaches of Aegean Sea, and if you see the photos or you visit these exceptional places on your holiday, you will definitely agree.

It’s good to know that there are several amazing beaches in Karpathos island, but some of these are especially beautiful and famous. The best beaches are voted by travellers usually into to league of top beaches in Greece. Now let’s see the travel guide for 2024: what are the best beaches in Karpathos island, where can be find these places, and how to get there?

Karpathos best beaches

What you should know About the best beaches in Karpathos island

In Greece Karpathos island is famous for its exceptional natural beauties, including its breathtaking beaches. Karpathos best beaches are characterized by crystal clear waters, turquoise and emerald colours, surrounded by interesting natural forms and wild cliffs. The coastline is one of the most diverse coasts in Greece, which means there are almost every kind of beaches, and every traveller can find a favourite here.

This is the reason why so much travellers and beach enthusiasts say that Karpathos island is a little Greek heaven on Earth, where the harmony of the nature can be discovered even these days. One of the best news for beach fans, that Karpathos belongs to the smaller islands in Greece, it’s quite easy to discover this island and find your favourite places, where you can enjoy the hot Greek sun and turquoise sea.

Karpathos island's best beaches, hidden gems and top destinations
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Apella beach

Apella beach (or Παραλία Απέλλα on maps) is definitely belongs to Karpathos best beaches, and it is probably one of the most famous places of the island . Apella is voted by travellers as one of the top 3 beaches in Greece a few years ago, which made this gem well known around the world.

The white pebbles with turquoise water colors, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty is the main features of Apella beach, which can be reached by daily boat excursions and by car both.

Karpathos best beaches (Apella beach) in Greece

Apella is an amazing place for beach lovers, one of the greatest destinations, and it belongs without question to Karpathos best beaches. You can read more about Apella beach here…

Kyra Panagia beach

If someone ask, which is the most picturesque beach in Karpathos, many travellers will mention Kyra Panagia beach first. Kyra Panagia (Κυρά Παναγία in Greek) is just a tiny village with a few houses, but its location makes it very special. The village is situated at a sea exit of a gorge, which is characterized by steep cliffs, and offer exceptional panoramic views to the area.

Karpathos island best beaches (Kyra Panagia)

From the church of Kyra Panagia the views of the beach are so enchanting, that this place is one of the most frequently photographed beaches in Greek calendars! Due to its beauty, a lot of visitors say that Kyra Panagia is one of the best beaches in Karpathos island.

Achata beach

Achata beach, or Ahata is one of the small gems, which has crystal clear waters and the panoramic views to the wild surrounding cliffs. Achata one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches of Karpathos, which is just about 12 kilometeres away from Pigadia. This beach is great for snorkel also, and a small islet can be discovered at the entrance of the bay.

Best beaches of Karpathos, Achata beach

If you take a look the photos of Achata beach, and you will notice that this beach can’t be missed from the list of Karpathos best beaches.

Diakoftis beach

The shallow lagoon of Karpathos is a fantastic place, on the southernmost part of the island, near the airport. Diakoftis beach (Παραλία Διακοφτης) is known as the ‘Caribbean beach of Karpathos’ with some sand dunes, shallow seabed and amazing sea colours.

It definitely belongs to Karpathos island’s best beaches, which is quite different character as Apella or Kyra Panagia, but not less interesting. It’s worth to know that Diakoftis beach can be windy due to its location, and if it is a calm, you are lucky.

Best beaches in Karpathos island Greece (Diafkotis beach)

Lefkos beach

Lefkos village (known as Kato Lefkos) is a small seaside resort on the east coast, which offer some amazing bays for beach lovers. We rank these charming places among Karpathos best beaches, because everyone can find here a favourite. The beaches of Lefkos (Παραλία Λευκός) are characterized by turquoise and emerald coloured waters, soft white sand, surrounded with beach bars and restaurants. These places can be suitable for children also, and deserve the title of family friendly beaches.

Lefkos beaches - Karpathos best beaches and hidden gems

If you are looking for Karpathos best beaches, don’t miss to visit these small gems on your holiday!

Amoopi beach

In the area of Amoopi (Αμμοοπή, but this area is known also as Lakki or Λακκί in Karpathos island) there are several beautiful bays, usually just a few steps away from each other. If you are looking for the best snorkeling experiences in Karpathos, just visit Amoopi (Ammopi, Lakki) village, and enjoy what you see.

Karpathos island best beaches - Amoopi beaches

The crystal clear waters of Amoopi are recommended not just for diving, but also to swim and enjoy the calm atmospheres, for all members of the family. Votsalakia beach, Kastelia beach, and Kastelia bay are great for snorkeling, while Big Amoopi beach (Mega Amoopi) and Little Amoopi beach (Mikro Amoopi) are suitable especially for children. Amoopi beaches are usually voted for the list of Karpathos best beaches, because this area is slightly more diverse than Lefkos.

Before travelling to the island and discovering the best beaches, don’t forget to look the local accommodations.

Read the reviews and take a look to the photos, it can be always very useful before you book an apartment or hotel for a summer holiday.

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Have a nice day and discover the beaches of Karpathos island, Greece during your 2024 holiday!

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