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Karpathos island is far famous from its stunning landscapes and exceptional natural beauty. Visitors of Karpathos can admire several breathtaking views to the wild mountains and to the endless Aegean Sea! This Greek island has so much amazing lookout points, and many of these can be reached by car or motorcycle.

While you explore the island, you will meet the high mountains of Karpathos. The roads often lead quite high up on the side of the mountains, which often provide wonderful views. There are also several hiking trails in the mountains of Karpathos, where you can find peace of mind in addition to the wonderful sights!

The highest peak of Karpathos – Kali Limni
The largest part of the island is characterized by high mountains, steep cliffs and interesting rocky forms. The highest peak of Karpathos (and also of Dodecanese islands) is called Kali Limni, which is 1215 meters high.

Kali Limni can be accessed only on foot, there are 2-3 different hiking trails to the peak. The most recommended hiking trail to Kali Limni starts from Lastos plateau, which is a small agricultural area, with a few farmhouses. You have to drive to Lastosm next the parking lot there is a small tavern called ‘Kali Limni’ (coordinates: 35.579564, 27.139898). The route starts here, a narrow dirt track leads upside. There are only a few posts all the way to the top, as well as red dots on some rocks. The hiking trail is rocky and narrow, but you will see the right way. The area of Kali Limni is a specially barren, there are no trees at all, natural shades are completely missing. You must carry with yourself some head gear, and don’t forget some meal and some water of course. The walk takes about 1’30 – 2′ hours in one direction, and you reach the highest point of Karpathos. When the sky is clear and the humidity is low, the line of sight can be up to 50 kilometers!

Kali Limni Karpathos highest point
Panoramic views above Apella beach
There are several amazing viewpoints on the way to the beautiful Apella beach, which is listed among the best Greek beaches. Just park your car next to the road in a few parking lot, and enjoy the exceptional views to the high mountains of Karpathos and the turquoise waters of Apella!

Apella best views in Karpathos, panoramic views

View to Kyra Panagia beach
One the trademarks of Karpathos is the charming bay of Kyra Panagia. Don’t miss to visit the garden of Kyra Panagia church, which offers for you the most amazing views to the beach!

The best of Karpathos

Breathtaking views of Olymbos
The traditional village of Olymbos has many spectacular lookout points to every direction. Our biggest favourites are the balconies with blooming flowers, the wild mountains and cliffs around the village, the tiny chapels and churches, and of course the windmills on the top of Olymbos!

Beautiful views in Karpathos, Olympos
Views to Menetes and Pigadia
The tiny chapel over Menetes village is an amazing lookout point. From the small garden of the church you can see the colorful houses of the village below, Pigadia on the east, and the mountains of the north!

Karpathos best views, Menetes village

Panoramic views from the II. World War memorial of Menetes
The memorial next to Menetes offers for its visitors really picturesque views to Menetes and to Pigadia. You can see the chapel and its cemetery in front of the memorial, and of course the steep cliffs of Menetes!

Best views to Karpathos
The hills over Adia beach
On the western side of Karpathos there are many great lookouut points next to the road. Just stop the car above Adia beach and enjoy the views to the southwestern side of the island! Between Adia beach and Lefkos there is a hill also, which has amazing views to the beautiful bays of Lefkos!

Adia beach views, Karpathos views to the south
Don’t hesitate, discover the best views of Karpathos!

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