Karpathos - The island of natural beauty.

Karpathos island is a beautiful gem of the Aegean Sea, home of breathtaking landscapes and amazing beaches. An amazing Greek island with ancient traditions, beautiful beaches, and a lot of hidden gems.  Karpathos is a great destination for summer holidays in Greece, and also for tours in spring or in autumn. This tiny island offers a lots of wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories for its visitors.

Karpathos travel guide

There are so many beaches in Karpathos which are listed among the best beaches in Greece, the exceptional natural attractions and the interesting historical sights provide plenty of discoveries. Karpathos island has easy access, because there are several ferries, domestic and international flights which arrive to Karpathos from many countries of Europe. Read our Karpathos travel GUIDE, like our Facebook page, and fall in love with Karpathos, with this beautiful Greek island!

Karpathos weather

Karpathos weather

The weather of Karpathos is true mediterranean, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The climate of the island is similar to other Greek islands in the area of the Aegean Sea. Karpathos is perfect for a summer holiday, because from late May till September the days are hot and dry, in this period the chance of the rainfall is absolutely minimal. 
Karpathos island travel guide, about Karpathos

About Karpathos

Karpathos (Κάρπαθος in Greek language) is located in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. The island is one of the most beautiful Greek islands due to its high mountains, steep cliffs and turquoise coloured beaches. The area of Karpathos island is quite small, but it is still the second largest among Dodecanese islands, and has the highest peak called Kali Limni.  Karpathos is far famous from its...
Why visit Karpathos

Why visit Karpathos?

Why is this tiny Greek island one of the best choices for a holiday in Greece? Karpathos is not as crowded than other resorts in the Mediterranean, and this make this island so special among several Greek islands. The calm atmospheres combined with the exceptional beauty of nature can be find here yet. If you spend your holiday in Karpathos, you can see so many beautiful natural attractions,...
Boat trips and excursions in Karpathos

Boat trips

One of the best activities in Karpathos are the boat trips, which depart from the ports of the island in the morning hours.
Karpathos kitesurf


Kitesurf is an interesting version of surfing, and in Karpathos island there are some great kitesurf spots.
Karpathos windsurf


Karpathos island has exceptional windsurf capabilites, and visited by hundreds of surfers each year. The island hosted also a windsurf world championship!
Karpathos airport

Karpathos airport (AOK)

The airport of Karpathos is a small, but modern airport in the southern side of the island. 

Recommended for you

Apella beach Karpathos

Apella beach

Apella is an amazing beach in Karpathos island, which is listed among the top beaches in Greece. The beach is surrounded by breathtaking surroundings, steep cliffs and pine forests.
Vasilis Paradise beach Karpathos

Vasilis Paradise beach

Vasilis Paradise is one of the most interesting beaches in Karpathos island, which can be accessed only by boat!
Menetes War Memorial and Statue, Best sights of Karpathos

Menetes War Memorial

The famous Memorial of Menetes is a statue of a greek soldier, which symbolizes the liberty of Karpathos.
Agia Kyriaki, Karpathos

Agia Kyriaki

Agia Kyriaki is a small, but interesting church built on a rocky cliffs in Karpathos.
Kastelia bay in Amoopi (Ammopi) Karpathos island best snorkel and diving sites

Kastelia bay

The beautiful Kastelia bay is a quiet, secluded beach in the southern side of Amoopi.
Agia Fotini - Potideon Pigadia Karpathos

Agia Fotini

The ruins of Agia Fotini are interesting set of stones and ancient walls, located in the suburb of Pigadia.
Lefkos village best beaches in Karpathos

Lefkos middle bay

The westernmost beach of Lefkos village is a beautiful coloured secluded bay, only a few minutes walk away from the center of Lefkos.
Karpathos north beaches, Agio Minas beach - Nati beach - Forokli

The north beaches of Karpathos

The north beaches of Karpathos are the most secluded beaches of the island, which offer idyllic landscapes and relaxing atmospheres.
Aperi Karpathos


Aperi is a traditional picturesque mountain village in Karpathos, which was the capital of the island many years ago.
Lefkos village Karpathos


Lefkos is a picturesque fishing village with the best beaches of the area, located on the west coast of Karpathos island.

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Karpathos GUIDE

Karpathos GUIDE