Karpathosinfo.com copyright policy

We spend a lot of time to bring you informations and photos, and we had a lot a work with it. Please respect our work and follow the copyright policy of Karpathosinfo.com. The copyright policy must be followed by visitors of the website, with no exception.

The content of Karpathosinfo.com is protected by the law.

  • The text content of website, including the unique text, phrases, sentences and paragraphs are copyrighted, and belong to Karpathosinfo.com.
  • All of the watermarked photos and images are copyrighted, and belong to Karpathosinfo.com.

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents, including watermarked images in any form is strictly prohibited!

Removing the watermarks is strictly forbidden!

If legal conditions are violated, the staff of Karpathosinfo.com is entitled to initiate legal proceedings. Depending on the degree of infringement we can claim compansation, which can be up to 25.000 Euros. We prove our rights with the original server datas, photo datas and metadatas, system administrator certification and logs.

Other websites, travel pages, info guides, travel guides, tour operators, private persons or legal entities can not distribute, copy, or commercially exploit the photos and the phrases and sentences of Karpathosinfo.com.

Claim for images when removing watermark: 50 Euro / photo
Claim for copying sentence: 20 Euro / sentence

We prove all the infringements in a Court of Law of EU and / or in the Court of Law the violators country and we insist on fair compensation.

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If you have a question about copyright, feel free to ask: info@karpathosinfo.com

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