Damatria beach in Karpathos

Damatria beach

Damatria is one of the nice beaches in the south part of Karpathos island, which offer an interesting mixture of white pebbles and golden sand.

The beach is near to Kipi Afiarti (Afiartis), about 4 kilometers away from the airport of Karpathos island, and 15 kilometers away from Pigadia. Damatria beach (Παραλία Δαματριά) is hidden by some hills, but the clarity of the sea can be viewed from the main road between Amoopi and the airport of Karpathos. You will see that the road which leads there from the main road is quite narrow, but its just about 1 kilometer long from the junction.

Road to Damatria beach in Karpathos island, Kipi Afiarti

This narrow section begins az the northenmost houses of Afiartis, the coordinates of the junction are the following: 35.451226, 27.158433. At the end of the road you can park next to the road, where always park your vehicle carefully. Behind the beach you will see the whitewashed walls of the local hotel, Poseidon Blue Gastronomy Hotel & Restaurant **, click here for its rooms.

About Damatria beach in Karpathos

The secluded Damatria beach (Παραλία Δαματριά) has beautiful turquoise waters, and is coast is characterized by white pebbles, with coarse sand and with fine golden sand at some places. It is organized with some parasols and sunbeds, but usually that’s all, there are no loud beach bars or other touristic services. The seabed of Damatria beach is shallow and usually the waves are not significant, so it may be good all for those who cannot swim well.

Damatria beach Karpathos

In the background cliffs of limestone give protection from western winds, but on the sea can be more windy.

Damatria Karpathos

In recent years Damatria beach became more popular and visited among tourists, who are looking for interesting beaches in the southern area of Karpathos island. In front of Damatria, just a few hundred meters away there is a small and rocky island, called ‘Moira’, with some ancient ruins. Moira can be accessed only by boat, because it is about 750 meters away from the nearest land of Karpathos.

Damatria beach in Karpathos island

There are some other small bays in the area, which are more quieter than Damatria, and beloved by nudists. These beaches can be reached by a narrow dirt road, which starts from this beach, and visitors can climb down on narrow and steep paths to the sea. These can be find as Argilos Beach, Lafrans Beach, Tati beach and Asproi Patoi Beach on maps. If you visit these hidden gems, you will meet on these places rocks, pebbles and shallow waters, and as we mentioned above, sometimes with nudists.

Damatria beach Kipi Afiarti

Where to stay in Kipi Afiarti (Afiartis)

If you would like to stay near Damatria beach, just take a look to Poseidon Blue Gastronomy Hotel & Restaurant **, which offer rooms for 2-5 guests, and it is situated just about 100 meters from the beach.

The nearest village to Damatria beach is Kipi Afiarti (Κήποι Αφιαρτη, Afiartis) the number one windsurf spot in Karpathos island. Afiartis village is the southernmost settlement in Karpathos island, and has surf clubs, taverns, beach bars and of course some accommodations.

Princess studios (up to 2-4 guests)

Afiartis Avli House (up to 4 guests)

Michail Suites Afiartis (apartments up to 2-5 guests)

Irini Hotel **** (up to 2-5 guests, top location)

Oceanviewvilla (3 bedroom, up to 6 guests)

Kalimera Karpathos Exclusive Villas (studios, apartments, suites for to 2-4 guests)

Damatria beach additional info

  • Also known as: Paralia Damatria, Παραλία Δαματριά
  • Coordinates: 35.454109, 27.165687
  • Karpathos 857 00, Greece
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: sand, coarse sand, pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities:
  • Poseidon Blue Gastronomy Hotel & Restaurant, parasols and sunbeds for rent, a small parking lot
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: by car, by motorbicycle, by quad
  • Wind conditions: can be windy
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