Finiki beach Karpathos island

Finiki beach

Finiki beach is a tiny bay in the center of the village, characterized by emerald waters and shallow seabed. Finiki (you can meet as Φοινίκι on maps) is small and picturesque fishing village in Karpathos, which is located on the western side of the island, just about a kilometer away from Arkasa. This charming seaside village became popular tourist resort in recent years, which offers apartments and famous fish taverns to the visitors.

Finiki beach Karpathos island

Finiki beach can reached very easy, because is situated directly in the center of the village, just a few steps away from the small port and the taverns.

About The beach of Finiki in Karpathos

Finiki beach is a small bay with shallow seabed and emerald waters, offering coarse sand and pebbles. It looks quite simple, because just a few parasols and sunbeds are usually put ashore during summer season, and nothing else.

Guide to Finiki beach

This beach is ideal for families with smaller children, because the tiny bay is well protected from significant waves and usualy from the winds also. Most of the visitors of Finiki beach arrive from the apartments nearby, which are just a few steps away from the sea.

Finiki beach in Karpathos island

The famous fish taverns are situated also near, next to the beach. From the beach you can see also the famous monument of Finiki village on the main square, called ‘Immacolata’, and the church of the village, Agios Nikolaos (Εκκλησία Άγιος Νικόλαος). If you visit Finiki, you can walk up the stairs to this church, because it is situated over the hills behind the port.

Finiki beach in Karpathos island west coast
Karpathos Finiki beach
From the beach of Finiki there are panoramic views to Arkasa (Arcesin), one of the largest villages in Karpathos island, which was built near the rocky coastline. Finiki belongs administratively also to Arkasa. One of the best beaches of the area with golden sand is located also in Arkasa, which is called Agios Nikolaos beach (Παραλία Άγιος Νικόλαος), and can be find about 3 kilometers from Finiki.
Finiki beach on Karpathos island west coast

Where to stay in Finiki

If you would like to stay in Karpathos in a small fishing village, take a look to the accommodations of Finiki below, where can find more photos and travellers reviews.

Hotel Finiki View ***

Hotel Finiki View in Karpathos

Studios and apartments (sea view optional)
Up to 2-3 guests

Alkioni Hotel ***

Alkioni Hotel in Karpathos Finiki

Studios and aparments
Up to 2-4 guests

Finiki Seaside Apartment

Finiki Seaside Apartment

Apartments for 2-4 guests

Arhontiko Hotel ***

Arhontiko Hotel Finiki

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Captain Elias Studios

Captain Elias studios

Apartments for 2 guests

Pasithea Villa

Pasithea Villa Karpathos Finiki

One bedroom house up to 3 guests

If you are looking for other accommodations of Karpathos island, just click here and find your favourite apartment, studio or hotel. (don’t worry, opens in new window)

Finiki beach additional info

  • Also known as: Finikoi beach, Paralia Finiki
  • Coordinates: 35.492055, 27.116785
  • Finiki Φοινίκι 857 00, Greece
  • Location: 17 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: green
  • Sand type: sand, pebbles
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities: parking lot near the port, fish taverns, parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: asphalt road
  • Wind conditions: usually well protected from winds
Karpathos Finiki beach
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