Finiki, or Φοινίκι in Greek is a quite small, but very lovely fishing village on the west coast of Karpathos island, near Arkasa. The tiny Finiki village is one of the small gems of Karpathos island, with whitewashed houses and famous fish taverns.

Visit Finiki (Foiniki) in Karpathos island

Travel guide to Finiki village in Karpathos, Greece

This interesting village belongs to Arkasa (Arcesine) administratively, and the distance between these two villages is just about one and a half kilometer. The largest town of Karpathos island, Pigadia is about 18 kilometers away, which is 30′ driving through Menetes village. If you arrive from Karpathos airport, the distance is about 13 kilometers between this fishing village and the airport terminal. Finiki is usually known as Foiniki or Foinikion on some maps of Karpathos, its Greek name is Φοινίκι.

Karpathos best view to Finiki village Greece

The tiny coastal village was founded by the local fishermen, and was used as a port, because in the area places like this bay are very rare. The coastline of Arkasa is rocky and more exposed to the waves, while the bay of Finiki is much calmer. This small natural bay faced to south, so the port is well protected from the larger waves of the sea.

Finiki in Karpathos, Greece

Until 1900 Finiki was the main commercial port not just for Arkasa, but for Karpathos island. This small coastal resort played important role in the past, but now it is a tiny port, which is used by the smallest fishing boats and ribs. The largest boats and ferries from Rhodes and Crete arrive to Pigadia, which became the primary port of Karpathos.

What to do in Finiki, what are the best sights and attractions?

Finiki is best known in Karpathos, Greece for its exceptional fish taverns, which are famous all over the island. If you visit this tiny village, don’t miss to ask for daily fresh fish and individually flavored seafood! The local restaurants, even fish restaurants in Finiki offer daily meals, fresh fish catches, even as plates for two. Recommended taverns in the village are Finiki Mama Cuisine and Ristorante Delfini, which have great guest reviews.

Finiki best fish taverns

On the top of the barren hill you can see a tiny church of Finiki with its whitewashed walls, which is called Agios Nikolaos (Εκκλησία Άγιος Νικόλαος in Greek). You can climb upstairs to Agios Nikolaos and look around, admire the beautiful panoramic views of the charming village, or open the door and take a look inside the church.

Finiki Karpathos sights, attractions

Over the eastern hills of Finiki, in the barren cliffs there can be seen some large natural caves. These caves are million years old, and who are thirsty for an adventure, can climb up and discover these. From this village it’s worth to visit also Arkasa (Arcesine), which is a small town of Karpathos with supermarkets, paved streets, historical sights and taverns.

Finiki Karpathos

About Finiki beach

The small sandy beach of Finiki can be find directly next to the port, so it is situated in the village center. This tiny beach is slightly organized with some parasols and sunbeds, but that’s all. The seabed is quite shallow here and also usually calm, due to the breakwaters of the port. Behind Finiki the beach, just a few steps away you can find the fish taverns and coffe bars.

Finiki beach Karpathos sandy beaches

Historical significance of Finiki village in Karpathos island

On the main square of Finiki (Φοινίκι) there is a small statue, called Immacolata monument. This small statue commemorates a small fishing boat ‘Immacolata’ and its crew, 7 heroic Greek men, who sailed across the sea from Finiki to Alexandria of Egypt in August of 1944. The reason of this trip was to take great news to the banished Greek Government in Egypt, the freedom of Karpathos!

What to see in Finiki sight and attractions Immacolata monument

When the German troops left Karpathos island, the residents arrested the Italian guards, and they declared the liberation of Karpathos. The important mission of the boat ‘Immacolata’ was successful, the Greek Government was informed, that this island was liberated. After many years of occupation it was great pleasure for the inhabitants of Karpathos island, and even people of Greece.

History of Finiki, Karpathos

The monument ‘Immacolata’ symbolizes the sound of freedom, and it represents the small fishing boat and its crew. The statue was built of marble, pebbles and bronze a several years ago, and can be seen in the central square of Finiki.

Why visit Finiki village (Φοινίκι)

In Finiki visitors can experience the atmospheres of a traditional fishing village. This tiny village is recommended for everybody in Karpathos island who like fish restaurants and foods.

Finiki near Arkasa Karpathos

Where to stay in Finiki, apartments and studio

Maybe the village is quite small, but there are several accommodations for a holiday. Small hotels, apartments and villas can be also rented in Finiki, just click the links below, take a look and book your favourite.

Hotel Finiki View ***

Hotel Finiki View in Karpathos

Studios and apartments (sea view optional)
Up to 2-3 guests

Alkioni Hotel ***

Alkioni Hotel in Karpathos Finiki

Studios and aparments
Up to 2-4 guests

Finiki Seaside Apartment

Finiki Seaside Apartment

Apartments for 2-4 guests

Arhontiko Hotel ***

Arhontiko Hotel Finiki

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Captain Elias Studios

Captain Elias studios

Apartments for 2 guests

Pasithea Villa

Pasithea Villa Karpathos Finiki

One bedroom house up to 3 guests

If you are looking for other accommodations of Karpathos island, just click here and find your favourite apartment, studio or hotel. (don’t worry, opens in new window)

Finiki information guide

  • Location: 18 kilometers to Pigadia, 12 kilometers to Karpathos airport
  • Coordinates: 35.492037, 27.116566
  • Population: 33 (census 2011)
  • Can be accessed via asphalt road

Finiki Φοινίκι Greece

Finiki port boat trips and excursions
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