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Karpathos, Greece

Welcome to Karpathos GUIDE!

Discover Karpathos island! The amazing Greek island with beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, crystal clear sea, ancient traditions, and a lot of hidden gems.

Karpathos beaches


Turquise water colours with amazing scenery.
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Karpathos villages


Picturesque villages in the hills, and hospitable people are waiting for you.
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Karpathos sights


Sacred chapels, interesting monuments, beautiful landscapes.
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Travel to Karpathos


We show you the way.
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Things to do in Karpathos

Let us guide you around this amazing greek island! If you spend your holiday in this magical place, you have many opportunities. Let's see, what are the most important things to do!
  • Enjoy the unique and crystal clear beaches
  • Discover the picturesque villages
  • Taste the fine karpathian food
  • Swim in turquise sea
  • Walk in the nature, follow the footpaths
  • Keep calm and relax
  • Ride a bicycle and get around on two wheels

About Karpathos

About Karpathos

The basics about the island! Some general facts and informations.

Weather in Karpathos


About climate of Karpathos. What to expect for weather when you arrive!
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