Hiking in Karpathos

There are so many beautiful walking routes to explore throughout Karpathos island. If you like hiking, you can reach amazing secluded places like Tristomo, Kali Limni, or the many north beaches. High mountains, pine forests, secluded beaches, unspoilt valleys and traditional villages offer a unique experience and adventures into the life of Karpathos island. Hiking in Karpathos is not just a simple activity which can be enjoyed during summer months, spring and autumn offer also great walking conditions on most days.

Among the villages you can find many footpaths, which are often marked by signs or red dots painted on a rock. Sometimes these can be marked in other colours such as blue. For walks into mountains and anywhere a long distance from the villages, make sure you have both a map and compass and know how to use them. Karpathos is a walker's paradise, where the nature is almost untouched, and easy to forget the civilization. The huge geographical diversity and beauty of the island made it into excellent destination for hiking. The easiest, but great hiking spots in the island are the routes between Aperi - Volada - Othos - Pyles, the hiking trails in the area of Lefkos and Menetes. For experienced hikers we recommend discovering the area of Lastos, Katodio, and the north side of Karpathos.

Some basic hiking tips:

Aperi - Achata beach (5 km)

The route starts from Aperi village. You can walk through a beautiful and wild canyon, among pine forests and steep cliffs. There are several small caves and sinkhalls in the walls of the cliffs.

Hiking in Karpathos route to Achata beach
Road to Achata

Aperi - Volada - Othos - Pyles (8 km)

One of the most beloved routes leads among the traditional Karpathian villages. You can discover other nearby villages, like Stes.

Walking among Karpathian villages

Kali Limni (3 km)

Find the highest peak in Karpathos! The narrow path starts from Lastos plateau, and as you climb up, you will see spectacular views.

Kali Limni Karpathos Lastos

Avlona - Tristomo (Vrikounda) (8 km)

If you like the deserted and untouched landscapes, you will be impressed.

Tristomo and Vrikounda from Avlona

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Some friendly advice for hiking in Karpathos:

  •  Most of the footpaths (except the dirt roads for jeeps) are narrow and rocky, so you must watch your step all the time.

  • Comfortable shoes - you need walking shoes for hiking. If you have only sandals, buy a comfortable shoe.

  • Sun cream - protection of your skin is important, because on sunny days you can easily burn.

  • Water - one of the most important things. In the summer month you will need to drink a lot! Always carry with you a bottle of water, because far from the civilization there are not many wells.

  • Take a fully charged phone with you - watch out, the signal of the cellphones is average in Karpathos, but among the mountains are not so good.

  • Choose the mornings for hiking in the summer months - June, July and August is too hot for walks in the afternoon.

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