Surfing in Karpathos

The island is characterized by a strong winds during the summer months, especially in the southern side of Karpathos. These conditions are perfect for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

The headquarter of the surfers is called Afiartis, a small settlement near the airport of Karpathos. You can find here 3 shallow coves, Chicken bay, Gun bay, and Devil's bay, which are the most known locations for surfing. The three bays are different from each other, their names represent the surfing skills. These spots are suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional surfers too. The high season lasts from May to August, when the Meltemi arrives - the strong winds blows full force from the north down through Karpathos, creating great conditions for surfing. Many surfers who have found Karpathos, go back year after year, to enjoy the winds of Karpathos.

In Afiartis there are several surf centres, where the basics can be learned. These centers offers windsurfing boards and sails for rent, as well lessons from beginner to advance.

The best conditions for kitesurfers can be found in the area of Agrilaopotamos.

Karpathos windsurf

Karpathos surfing

Surfing in Karpathos island

Kitesurf in Karpathos, Greece

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Karpathos surfing Great kitesurf and windsurf location at Agrilaopotamos beach

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