Beaches in Karpathos

Karpathos island is well known from its amazing beaches. Some people say that this tiny island hosts the best beaches in the Aeagean sea, and we totally agree with this opinion.

Karpathos island has more than 50 beaches, and most of them has t
urquoise water, aquarium-like seabed, and untouched natural enviroment. The beaches of Karpathos are exceptionally varied - you can find here beautiful lagoons with white sand, beaches surrounded by high mountains, emerald waters among wild landscapes.

At the southern part of the island the beaches are shallow, and you feel yourself like that you are in a lagoon. The most famous beach in this area is called Diakoftis, which is well known for its exotic water and fine sand. The southern area is also a great place for surfers, there are the best spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The most photographed and the most romantic beaches on the island are located in the central part of Karpathos. The snorkeling paradise Amoopi with its vivid marine life, the wild Achata beach, the picturesque Kyra Panagia, and the magical Apella beach, which is the selected among the best greek beaches year after year.

Altough most of the best beaches are located in the eastern side of Karpathos, the western side of the island hides some nice surprises. You can find there the wavy Agios Nikolaos beach, and the breathtaking beaches of Lefkos.

The northern beaches of Karpathos are hidden from most of the visitors, because those beaches are harder to reach, only by boat or by jeep. But if you are looking for some adventure, driving on dirt roads across rocky canyons can be great experience!

Are you interested? Come to Karpathos and discover all these magnificient beaches!

The best beaches in Karpathos island, Greece

Achata beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Karpathos, with amazing scenery.

Adia beach

Secluded beach on the west side of Karpathos, far from the villages.

Marmara beach

The second largest beach in the area of Arkasa.

Ag. Theodoros beach

Interesting beach with yellow rocks and emerald sea colours on the south.

Agrilaopotamos beach

The kitesurfers's paradise with strong winds and calm atmosphere.

Apella beach

Apella is certainly the most famous beach in Karpathos island, visited by thousands of tourists every summer.

Ag. Nikolaos beach

The main beach of Arkasa offers soft grey sand, usually big waves, and slightly organized area.

Damatria beach

Attractive beach with white pebbles and calm waters.

Diakoftis beach

The famous lagoon of Karpathos island is a truly wonderful beach.

Finiki beach

Small beach with greenish waters in the center of the village.

Kyra Panagia

Kyra Panagia is one of the most picturesque places in the wild and mountainous landscape of Karpathos.

Kato Lakkos beach

Interesting beach far from the crowds, in the area of Kyra Panagia.


Vrontis (Afoti) is probably the largest continuous swimming area in Karpathos island.

Xenonas beach

The main beach of Pigadia offers fine sand, great views to the capitol and many tourist facilities.

Agios Nikolaos beach (Spoa)

Small, but organized beach only a few steps away from the settlement.

The best beaches in Karpathos island

Some of the best beaches in Greece are in Karpathos island, but which ones are they? Find out our favourite places to enjoy the amazing scenery, sun and turquoise sea!

Beaches of Afiartis

The surfers nr1. spot in Karpathos island.

Michaliou Kipos beach

Small cove at the end of the airport.

Airport beaches

Several shallow and beautiful beaches are located near to the airport.

The north beaches

The north beaches are the most secluded beaches in Karpathos, with idyllic landscapes and totally unorganized.

Vasili's Paradise beach

This magnificient beach can be reached only by boat.

Mega Amoopi beach

The main growth driver of Amoopi (Ammopi) is the amazing beaches around the village and the surrounding area, the shallow sea and the varied seabed.

Mikro Amoopi beach

Small, fully organized beach with fine sand, suitable for children.

Votsalakia beach

Probably one of the most characteristic beaches in the area of Amoopi.

Kastelia beach

The beach of Kastelia has two parts, a smaller and a bigger one, separeted by only a few footsteps away.

Kastelia bay

The beautiful Kastelia bay is a quiet, secluded beach in the south side of Amoopi.

Fokia beach

The most southern point of Amoopi offers a small, secluded bay with pebbly seabed.

Lefkos beaches - village bay

The main beach of Lefkos is a fully organized, shallow bay with taverns and beach bars in the background.

Lefkos beaches - Middle cove

This beach is a beautiful, secluded bay, only a few minutes walk from Lefkos.

Lefkos beaches - North cove (Fragkolimnionas)

The longest beach in the area of Lefkos, with fine grey sand.

Lefkos beaches - Potali bay

Potali bay is prefered mainly by visitors seeking remoteness.

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