Ag. Theodoros beach

Interesting beach with yellow rocks and emerald sea colours on the south.

Ag. Theodoros beach, Karpathos

Ag. Theodors beach is one of most the southern beaches in Karpathos, located on the western side of the island. The landscape is characterized by bare rocks and huge plains, the vegetation is limited only to spikey bushes. The beach got its name from a little chapel next to the parking site. 

It's a slightly organized beach with some parasols and beds, and if you are thirsty, next to the chapel you'll find a little taverna. The sea is usually calm here, so it is nice for relaxing and snorkeling. The easiest way to reach Ag. Theodoros is a narrow asphalt road that starts from Arkasa.

Beach in south Karpathos
Beach background

Agios Theodoros beach Karpathos
The path to Ag. Theodoros beach

Agios Theodoros chapel Karpathos
The chapel at the end of the road

Additional info

  • Coordinates: 35.445913, 27.082327
  • 22 km from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: green
  • Sand type: pebble
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: calm
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities: parasols & beds in the summer months
  • Other Information: 
  • Accessibility: paved road
  • Wind conditions: rarely windy

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