Airport beaches

Several shallow and beautiful beaches are located near to the airport of Karpathos island.

Karpathos airport beaches

In the area are many secluded beaches, for those who wants to hide away from the world. Among theese beaches are famous lagoons (Diakoftis), and nameless but nice coasts. Some of them are well-protected from the winds, but there are several beaches, which can be very windy and wavy. These beaches are completely unorganized and not very busy, with rocky seabed and shallow waters. 

Unfortunately at some point there are some garbage, because of the the local streams.

Karpathos airport beaches

Karpathos airport beaches

Airport beaches Karpathos island

Karpathos airport beaches, Greece

Additional info

  • Coordinates: 35.422948, 27.136452
  • Sea water color: green, blue
  • Sand type: sand, rocks, pebbles
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: calm
  • Crowds: not crowded
  • Facilities: -
  • Other Information: close to the airport
  • Accessibility: dirt road
  • Wind conditions: usually windy

Airport beaches in Karpathos island Airport beaches video

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