Diakoftis beach

The famous lagoon of Karpathos island is a truly wonderful beach.

Diakoftis beach, Karpathos

Diakoftis beach is located 22 km south of Pigadia and 5 km of the airport of Karpathos. You can reach this beach on a dirt road, which starts from the western side of the airport. The area is filled with sand dunes and small coves, reminding of tropical beaches. Diakoftis is a beautiful beach with white sand, turquise waters and some smooth and flat rocks in places. There are not much facilities nearby, only a few parasols and a small cantina in the summer.

The water is shallow, you can walk easily into the beach, enjoy the soft sand, and feelings of a lagoon. On both sides of the beach the seabed is rocky, these places are nice locations to discover the marine life. 

One drawback about Diakoftis is that the beach is located in the south, which is usually windy.  

Diakoftis is one of the most attractive beaches in Karpathos, so if spend your holiday in Karpathos island, don't miss it!

Diakoftis beach

Diakoftis lagoon Karpathos

Diakoftis beach, Karpathos island

Diakoftis beach, near Afiartis

Diakoftis beach

Diakoftis beach near Karpathos airport
 50 shades of turquise

Diakoftis beach Karpathos

Road to Diakoftis beach
The road to Diakoftis beach

Additional info

  • Sea water color: green, blue
  • Sand type: yellow sand, grey sand
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: calm
  • Crowds: sometimes crowded
  • Facilities: sometimes food & drinks nearby in cantina, parasols & beds
  • Other Information: close to the airport
  • Accessibility: dirt road
  • Wind conditions: usually windy

Diakoftis beach videoDiakoftis beach video

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