Marmara beach

The second largest beach in the area of Arkasa.

Marmara beach Arkasa

Marmara is a long and rocky beach, on the western side of Arkasa. It is completely secluded, there are no tourist facilites, no parasols or sunbeds. The rocky coastline of Marmara is not so popular among tourists, the most of the visitors prefer more the sandy beach of Arkasa, which is called Agios Nikolaos. The seabed here is filled with big pebbles.

Additional info

  • Coordinates: 35.476124, 27.115185
  • 17 km from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: wavy
  • Crowds: not crowded
  • Facilities: accommodation options nearby
  • Other Information: -
  • Accessibility: paved road
  • Wind conditions: usually windy

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