Weather in Karpathos

The weather in Karpathos is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, cloudy winters. The climate of Karpathos is a temperate Mediterranean climate, which is specific to many greek islands.

There are significant differences between the coastline of Karpathos and the mountainous areas. Snowfalls are rare in the coastal zone of Karpathos, but in the mountains especially in the northern part of the island it snows several times in the winter. The rainy season starts in Karpathos in late October and lasts till March.

Summer in Karpathos, Greece

  • January: The first month of the year in Karpathos is cold and rainy. There are only a few days, when the weather is clean and there are no clouds.

  • February: A little bit sunnier and warmer than January. The sea temperature is cold yet.

  • March: The temperature is cold most of the times, but the number of the sunny days are increasing. The sea is getting warmer.

  • April: The real spring arrives to Karpathos with higher temperatures and lower rainfall. The first swimmers make a try.

  • May: The first days of the summer are coming! The sunny and hot days are really here. The Meltemi is also getting stronger, which is a seasonal strong wind. Sometimes you will need a light jacket, but don't forget bringing the shorts with you! The sea temperature goes higher and higher. These months offer great conditions for hiking and discovering the traditional villages of Karpathos.

  • June: The high season starts with hot days and pleasant sea temperatures.

  • July and August: The hottest days of the year. The Meltemi is strong in the mountains and in the southern side of Karpathos, making great pleasure to the surfers. The best times to spend the days at the beaches of Karpathos. The most important things are water, sun cream, hat and sunscreen.

  • September: The weather is like in the summer months, only a little bit cooler. Good time for hiking.

  • October: There are many sunny days but rainy days are also coming, especially in the mountains. The October is nice for outdoor activities.

  • November: The autumn arrives to Karpathos, but several days will be sunny and warm. The rains and the cloudy days are getting more frequently.

  • December: Varied weather conditions. There are several cold and rainy days, but sometimes there are and sunny and warm days. Don't forget your warm clothes!

Karpathos in the summer months (June, July, August)Karpathos in the the summer months

Karpathos island in winter (November, December, January)
Karpathos in the winter

Karpathos winter

If you are interested, yo can find here a pretty wind forecast system: Poseidon

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