Churches in Karpathos

Karpathos island is home of many sacred sites, more than 20 churches, hundreds of chapels that spread throughout the island. Many of them hosts frescoes, wall paintings, wood carvings, and holy icons from the Byzantian times. The religious life of Karpathos is significant, the island is famous from its religious celebrations and local traditions. If you are travelling to Karpathos, you will see how these traditions important are.

Church of Virgin Mary (Kyra Panagia)

Karpathos church

Kimissi tis Theotokou (Menetes)

Church in Menetes

Archbishop of Karpathos and Kasos (Aperi)

Archbishop of Karpathos and Kasos island

Assumption of Virgin Mary (Olympos)

Olympos church

Assumption of Virgin Mary (Pyles)

Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Pyles


Agia Kyriaki

Agia Kyriaki, near Pigadia

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