Museums in Karpathos

The island hosts some interesting museums, showing the past and the folklore of the island. 

Archeological Museum (Pigadia)

The Archeological Museum of Karpathos is dedicated to the island's history where you can see an interesting collection of artifacts, statuettes, icons, and many other findings from the ancient times. The museum is located in the west wing of the prefecture building of Karpathos, near to the port of Pigadia. The museum hosts three rooms, where you can find the collections.

Among the exhibits of the museum there are several archaeological finds from Karpathos island, as well as stone figures, ceramic ovens, sculptures, coins, and much more.

Coordinates: 35.508675, 27.211254

Karpathos Archeological Museum, Pigadia
The Archeological Museum of Karpathos is located in the west building

Karpathos archeological museum
The small garden of the museum is filled with ancient columns

Agricultural Museum (Pyles)

You can find the museum on the southeastern side of Pyles, directly at the entrance of the village. The museum has mainly outdoor exhibitions, like many plants, trees, crops, wine press, windmill, and a little farmhouse. You can find here a small theater, where the visitors can listen some presentations. In the area of the farmhouse there are some living animals, like chickens or donkey.

Coordinates: 35.530545, 27.134533

Agricultural Museum in Pyles, Karpathos
The entrance of the Museum

Agricultural Museum in Pyles
Windmill in the Agricultural museum

Folklore Museum (Othos)

The small museum shows you the traditions of Karpathos, through a traditionally furnished house. Inside the building the exhibit contains laces, traditional costimes, jewellery, miniature work, musical instruments, photos. The interior is a nice reproduction of an old Karpathian residence.

Coordinates: 35.543445, 27.151583

Folklore Museum in Othos village
The Folklore Museum of Othos is located next to the main road

Windmill Museum (Olympos)

The private museum is located in Olympos, on the western side of the village. It is one of the really working windmills in Karpathos island, but it operates now as a museum since 2014.

Coordinates: 35.740782, 27.171976

Windmill Museum in Olympos, Karpathos island

Folklore Museum (Menetes)

The small museum shows you the traditional life of Karpathos island. The founder collected many old photographs, archeological findings, artifacts and small machines from the past. The museum is located in the center of the village, next to the playing field.

Coordinates: 35.491222, 27.167996

Archeological Museum (Arkasa)

The museum holds some archeological finds from the ancient Arkesia and the Church of Agia Sophia. The exhibits are mainly from ancient eras, the visitors can see many ceramics, pottery, sculptures, statuettes, coins and other findings from the nearby excavations. 

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