Sunset points

Be a witness of many beautiful sunsets in Karpathos island! Firstly, you must go to the western side of the island, if you want to see this magical moment. Amazing colours fills the sky, while the sea, the clouds and the horizon sparkle with orange and red lights!

Sunset at the western seat

On the western side of the island, next to the main road there is a blue coloured seat. The sunsets are amazing here!

Karpathos island, Greece sunsets

Sunset in Lefkos

The picturesque fishing village has really nice sunsets.

Lefkos sunset

Sunset in Arkasa

The largest city in the western side of Karpathos offers one of the best sunsets of the island. The dramatic landscape and the charm of Arkasa guarantee the exceptional panorama.

Sunset in Olympos

On the western side of Olympos you can watch breathtaking sunsets among the mills, as the sun kisses the sea!


Sunset in Mesochori

The area of Mesochori is also a great location for a spectacular sunset.

Sunset in Pyles

First class sunset spot, with the view of Kasos island and southwest region of Karpathos!

Sunset in Pigadia

Pigadia is located in the eastern side of the island, but the sunsets with the surrounding hills are nice.

Pigadia sunset

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