Karpathos villages

The villages of Karpathos island are beautifully situated settlements, many of them was built on the slopes on the mountains.


The agricultural village of Avlona is situated north of Olympos, on the western slope of a big mountain.

Avlona village Karpathos


Small agricultural village located in the greenest part of Karpathos. 

Stes village Karpathos


The southernmost settlement of Karpathos is a small village, recommended especially for the surfers.

Afiartis village, Karpathos

Agios Nikolaos

This tiny fishing village lies in the shade of the north mountains.

Agios Nikolaos village, Karpathos


The picturesque mountain village was the capital of Karpathos many years ago.

Aperi, Karpathos


The town was built on the ruins of Arkesia, which was an ancient city thousands of years ago.



The town is located on the north side of the island and it has the second largest port in Karpathos.

Diafani, Karpathos


This charming fishing village located on the southwest side of Karpathos.

Finiki, Karpathos

LefkosLefkos, Karpathos

The picturesque seaside fishing village of Lefkos, located 35 km northwest from Pigadia.

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