The southernmost settlement of Karpathos is a small village, recommended especially for the surfers.

Afiartis village, Karpathos

Afiartis is located just 2 km north of the airport and 13 km south of Pigadia, on the main road between the airport and Amoopi. The atmosphere of the village is very calm, there are only a few houses, apartments and small hotels. Here you will see mostly surfers that enjoy the sun, the sea, and the surf of course. Afiartis has several coves with coarse sand and crystal clear waters, but you should be careful when entering the sea because there are flat slippery rocks at some points. More about the beaches of Afiartis...

Most of the area is flat plain, you can't find high mountains or hills here.

Afiartis, in the south
Flat landscape

Afiartis surfing spot Karpathos


Afiartis Karpathos
The longest straight road on Karpathos island

Afiartis surfing beach
Afiartis beach (Vatha or Devi's bay)

Additional info

  • 13 km from Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.446101, 27.154312

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