The agricultural village of Avlona is situated north of Olympos, on the western slope of a big mountain.

Avlona village Karpathos

Avlona at first sight looks like a deserted settlement from the western movies, but the village was built in a fertile valley. There are more then 250 farmhouses, and the locals primarily produces here wheat and barley. In the old times those grains were taken to the windmills of Olympos where they were milled into flour. 

Avlona is far from the tourist settlements, there is only one tavern. The village is an interesting sight with its wild scenery, and also a pantry of Karpathos island.

Avlona village

Avlona village

Additional info

  • 48 km to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.773663, 27.180491
  • agricultural village

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