This charming fishing village located on the southwest side of Karpathos.

Finiki, Karpathos

The characteristic village belongs to Arkasa administratively, the distance between the two cities is only 2 kilometers. Finiki is a coastal settlement, built by the local fishermen: until 1900 Finiki was the main commercial port of Karpathos. The village situated in a large natural bay, which means a well protected marina for the smaller boats.

On the top of the hill there is a sacred chapel, watching over Finiki - you can walk upstairs, and look the beautiful panoramic views.

Finiki, Karpathos

There is a sandy beach in the city centre, equipped with parasols and beds. Behind the beach there are some tavernas and bars, so you can drink or eat something easily. Finiki is well known for its fish tavernas - if you get there, don't miss tasting the fresh fish and original seafood!

City center

Finiki villageFiniki panoramic view

In the main square there is a monument called
Immacolata. The name comes from a small fishing boat with a crew of 7 heroic greek men, who sailed from here to Alexandria of Egypt in 1945. They take great news of freedom to the banished Greek Government there. When the german troops left Karpathos, and the residents arrested the italian guards, they declared liberation of the island. The mission of the boat was successful, the Greek Government was informed, that the island was liberated.

Immacolata monument, FinikiImmacolata statue

Additional info

  • 18 km to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.492037, 27.116566
  • coastal village

Finiki video youtube Finiki video

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