Beautiful scenery, traditional architecture, flowered balconies, narrow streets - Menetes is a truly amazing village.

Menetes, Karpathos

The village is located 8 km southwest from Pigadia, just a few minutes driving on the curvy roads. Menetes was built on the rocky cliffs, at an altitude of 280 meters. The village offers to the visitors spectacular views to every direction - you can see Pigadia and the nearby mountains equally! In the narrow alleys there are many trees, colorful flowers, interesting houses, and the imposing cliffs everywhere. A little folklore museum is also housed in Menetes, with interesting collection - musical instruments, traditional utensils, laces, and other things from the past.
In the village there are many sacred chapels and churches - the Church of the Assumption, the Byzantine Church of Agios Mamas, or Agia Panagia on the hill above. The locals organize festivals in August for the celebration of the Virgin - many people are coming to join the feast.

Menetes Karpathos
Imposing cliffs

Colorful houses in Menetes

On the street

View from above

In the area, in front of the settlement there is a World War II. monument. This monument symbolizes the Revolution of Karpathos during the war, and also this is a memorial for the heroic local people.

Additional info

  • 8 km to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.491009, 27.168916
  • mountain village
  • population approx. 400

Menetes village Karpathos video Menetes village panoramic video

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