The village is located on the western side of Karpathos, far from the biggest cities.

Mesochori, Karpathos

Mesochori (also known as Mesohori) is a traditional village with white coloured houses, many narrow alleys, lush vegetation and breathtaking views. There are also a lot of gardens, with vivid flowers, plants, trees and other vegetation. Mesochori is a quiet place, the nightlife is not significant here, but some family taverns and shops are waiting the visitors. In the north side of the village you can find a church, called Panagia Vrysiani. Under the church is a natural spring, with a legend - the locals said, that if an unmarried woman drinks from the spring, she will get married soon! Panagia Vrysiani is one of the most religious places in Karpathos, and there is a feast in every September.

The most part of the village is free from the vehicles, the parking sites are outside the village. In the area there are many paved footpaths, so you can walk around Mesochori easily. Enjoy the amazing sunsets, discover the nearby hiking trails, and relax!

Near Mesochori you can visit the seaside village, Lefkos. This is a popular destination with emerald beaches, bars and souvenir shops.

Additional info

  • 30 km to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.630989, 27.108988
  • mountain village

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