Small agricultural village located in the greenest part of Karpathos. 

Stes village Karpathos

Stes is relatively unknown to most tourists, but for its few visitors it remains a green heart of Karpathos island. The village can be accessed via a narrow road that starts from Othos. As you leave Othos head to Pyles, there is a road sign 'Stes' and turn right. From this point the narrow road leads to Stes after 2 km.
The small village lies in a green valley with dense olive groves, grapes, vegetables, and other plants. It is a quiet settlement with some well preserved houses, nice gardens, old churches and springs. 

Its residents are mainly engaged in agriculture, the tourism is not significant here. In the area there are many footpaths, so if you like hiking, Stes worth a visit!

Stes Karpathos island

Stes church Karpathos

Stes village

Additional info

  • 14 km from Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.543560, 27.141353
  • agricultural village

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