Petrol stations

The petrol stations in Karpathos island are located in the area of Pigadia.

Petrol Station in Karpathos island, Greece

There are 4 petrol stations in the island - two of them was built next to main road between Pigadia and Aperi, one is located on the southern side of Pigadia, and the fourth station, the newest was constructed between Menetes and Arkasa. Easy to find them, the stations are located directly next to the roads.


EKO Petrol station 1: 35.533198, 27.189612 (Northern side of Pigadia)

EKO Petrol station 2: 35.531356, 27.196275 (Northern side of Pigadia)

EKO Petrol station 3: 35.500316, 27.208171 (Southern side of Pigadia)

Petrol station in Karpathos island

Petrol station in Pigadia

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