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Karpathos island is well known from its amazing beaches. The beaches of Karpathos are listed among the best beaches in Greece in 2022, because this tiny island has the best beaches in the Aeagean Sea, as many say.

The island is quite small, but Karpathos has more than 50 beaches, with exceptional great variety. Visitors of Karpathos can find here beautiful lagoons with white sand, breathtaking beaches which are surrounded by steep cliffs and high mountains, large bays with golden sands, turquoise and emerald waters.

In the southern part of Karpathos the beaches are usually shallow, and you feel like as you walk in a lagoon. The most famous beach of this area is called Diakoftis, which is well known for its exotic coloured waters and fine white sand. The southern area of Karpathos is also a great surf sport, there are several bays which are recommended for windsurf and kitesurf.

The most photographed and the most romantic beaches of Karpathos are located on the eastern coastline of the island. Ammopi is a snorkeling paradise with its marine life, where several secluded bays can be find. Among the best beaches of Karpathos you can find Achata beach, Kyra Panagia beach, and the magical Apella beach, which is the selected into the best Greek beaches year after year.

Altough most of the best beaches are located in the eastern side of Karpathos, the western side of the island hides some nice surprises. You can find there Agios Nikolaos beach with its golden sand, and the beautiful beaches of Lefkos village.

The northern beaches of Karpathos are hidden from most of the visitors, because those beaches are hidden by mountains and can be accessed only by boat or by 4x4. But if you are looking for some adventure, if you want to drive on dirt roads in rocky canyons, this can be great experience!

Let's see the best beaches of Karpathos island below, and discover them all in 2022!

Karpathos beach guide 2022

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