Afiartis beaches, Karpathos best windsurf spot

Afiartis is the famous windsurf spot in Karpathos island, the number one choice for hundreds of surfers!

Afiartis is the southernmost settlement in Karpathos, which is located next to the aiport. The area of Afiartis is far famous from its special wind conditions, which make the bays of the village amazing place for surfers. Almost the whole beachfront of Afiartis is exposed to the strong winds, especially on the open water. 

Karpathos windsurf location at Afiartis beaches

There are 3 different bays, which offer the best windsurfing locations in Karpathos island. From south to north the names of the beaches are Chicken bay, Gun bay, Devil's bay, telling a lot about their properties as well.

Karpathos windsurf spot

Chicken bay - Surf spot for beginners

Chicken bay (or known as Makris Gialos beach) is primarily recommended for rookies. This bay is ideal for children and everybody, who are just getting started with this sport. The winds of Chicken bay are significantly weaker, do not expect strongly breezes. The cove has sandy and shallow waters, which are suitable for everyone. Behind the beach there are some beach bars and taverns.

Chicken bay coordinates: 35.426790, 27.151611


Gun bay - medium level

If you are experienced but not professional yet, you can try the next surf spot, which is called Gun bay. There are usually much stronger winds and it's not recommended for beginners. The calm waters delivers great conditions in this cove, and makes it good for intermediate level experiences. The beach is only a few hundred meters away from Chicken bay.

Gun bay coordinates: 35.429550, 27.155480

Karpathos windsurf, Afiartis beach


Devil's bay - for professionals

The largest bay of Afiartis is called Devil's bay, or known as Vatha beach. This bay is recommended primarily for hardcore surfers and professionals. The winds are usully much more stronger than in Gun bay, numerous professional windsurfers enjoy the speed and the wind conditions here. In 2009 this bay was the place of ISWC Windsurf Speed World Championship.

Devil's bay coordinates: 35.438895, 27.155001

Devils bay, Karpathos Afiartis surfing


Afiartis Karpathos best windsurf locations


Where to stay near the beaches of Afiartis in Karpathos island


Kalimera Karpathos Exclusive Villas (for 2-4 guests)

Villa Ntora

Princess Studios

Poseidon Blue (2-3 person, next to Damatria beach)

Ciel Boutique Villas (villas to 2-4 person)

Cato Agro villa (up to 7 guests)


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