Karpathos airport beaches in the south

Around the airport of Karpathos there are several shallow and beautiful beaches, which are known from turquoise colors and shallow seabed.

Some of these beaches are are located in the southern side of the airport, and can be reached from the dirt road which leads to Diakoftis beach, an amazing lagoon of Karpathos island. Most of these beaches are secluded and abandoned bays, but there are also some longer beaches also.

Karpathos airport beaches in the south

The airport beaches are recommended for those who wants to hide away from the world, or just want to enjoy the fantastic colours of the sea. Most of these beaches have not been named, these places are just another nice beaches of Karpathos, in the shade of the famous Diakoftis beach.

Karpathos airport beaches

A few of these places are well-protected from the winds, but most of these beaches can be very windy and wavy. The airport beaches are completely unorganized and not crowded. The seabed is rocky and can be slippery, so water shoes may needed for sensitive soles. 

Beaches at the airport of Karpathos

Due to local sea streams unfortunately there are some beaches in the south, which is filled with some garbage, thrown up by the sea.

Airport beaches

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