Votsalakia beach Amoopi (Ammopi beach)

Votsalakia beach is one of the most characteristic beaches in the area of Amoopi, and also one of the best snorkeling sites in Karpathos island.

In the region of Amoopi there are several amazing beaches, but many visitors say that Votsalakia is a true gem among the beaches of he village. The beach can be find easily, because it is located in the center of Ammopi, and behind the beach there are some parking lots and a bus stop. The panoramic views to Votsalakia beach are well known due to its unique rocky seabed, and a small islets in the sea. 

Votsalakia beach, Karpathos best snorkel and diving sites

Votsalakia beach is great for snorkeling and diving, so if you bring here driving goggles with you, you will see the bustling marine life of Amoopi. The shallow seabed of the beach is characterized by coarse sand, pebbles and many rocks, which make Votsalakia ideal for snorkeling in Karpathos island. The emerald and turquoise colours of the beach enchant almost all of the visitors, so this beach is one of the (not so hidden) gems in Karpathos.

Votsalakia Amoopi beach

The beach is not so spacious due to the 3-4 meters high steep cliffs in the background, but it is well organized, there are parasols and sunbeds for rent. Until late afternoon the cliffs don't offer much natural shade, because Votsalakia beach is facing to southeast. 

Next to the parking lots there are some taverns and beach bars, only a few steps from the beach. In the northern peninsula which borders Votsalakia beach there is a small church of Amoopi, called Agia Apostoli, surrounded by pine trees.

Votsalakia is truly magnificent beach with turquouse and emerald waters in Karpathos, which is recommended to visit, especially if you want to snorkel! Many travelers say that this beach is one of the best beaches in Amoopi.

Ammopi - Votsalakia beach

Amoopi beach (Votsalaki Ammopi)

Ammopi beach Karpathos, best snorkel and diving sites of the island


Where to stay in Amoopi near the rocky beaches, which are best for snorkel

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Horizon View Studios (rooms for 2)

Maria Apartments (up to 4 guests)

Scarpantos Studio (for 2)

Vardes Hotel Studios (for 2-3)

Kastelia Bay Hotel (rooms for 2)

Studios Nina (2-4 guests)

Askelinos Villas (villa up to 4)

Serenity Villa Karpathos (villa up to 8)


Votsalakia beach additional info

  • Also known as: Amoopi / Ammopi beach
  • Coordinates: 35.475725, 27.196680
  • Sea water color: emerald, turquoise, blue
  • Sand type: coarse sand, pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: can be crowded
  • Facilities: taverns, beach bars, parasols and sunbeds for rent, shower, parking lot
  • Other Information: one of the best snorkeling and diving sites in Karpathos
  • Accessibility: by car or by bus
  • Wind conditions: well protected from winds
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