Diakoftis beach Karpathos island

The beautiful Diakoftis beach is one of best beaches in Karpathos, a small turquoise coloured gem of the island.

Diakoftis beach is located 22 kilometers south from Pigadia and 5 kilometers from the airport of Karpathos. You can reach this amazing beach on a dirt road, which leads to the beach from the western side of the airport. There are some road signs also, which show the junction and the right way to Diakoftis beach. The dirt road is in poor condition in some places, but it is also accessible by smaller cars if you drive slowly. The road which leads to Diakoftis beach is about 3 kilometres long, and at the end there is a small parking lot. During this trip you can discover some small bays next to the road, so if you want, just stand aside with your vehicle and go to swim!

Diakoftis beach

Diakoftis beach is a small, but beautiful bay with white sand, turquise coloured waters, with some rocks in a few places. The area of Diakoftis is filled with sand dunes and small coves, like as surroundings of tropical beaches! In recent years there was built a small house next to the beach, but beyond that building there are no such facilities nearby, only a few parasols for rent, and a small cantina during the summer.

Diakoftis Karpathos

The seabed is quite shallow, and you can walk easily into the waters and enjoy the soft sand. Diakoftis offers for its visitors an amazing feelings of a beautiful lagoon, which make this tiny beach one of the best beaches in Karpathos island. If you are interested for snorkel, just take a look to both sides of the beach, which are rocky places and nice locations to observe marine life.



The only one drawback of Diakoftis is that the beach is located in the southern side of Karpathos, which is usually windy. Diakoftis is one of the most attractive beaches in Karpathos, so if spend your holiday on the island, don't miss this hidden gem!

Diakoftis beach

Diakoftis beach Karpathos airport

Road to Diakoftis

Behind Diakoftis beach there is an another small bay, only a few steps away from the famous lagoon of Karpathos. This small beach is also beautiful, and worth a visit. 


Diakoftis beach additional info

  • Also known as: Diakofti beach
  • Coordinates: 35.409948, 27.152049
  • 14 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: turquoise
  • Sand type: sand, rocks
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: can be crowded
  • Facilities: parking lot, cantina, parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: next to the airport of Karpathos
  • Accessibility: dirt road
  • Wind conditions: usually windy
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