Karpathos north beaches

The north beaches of Karpathos are the most secluded beaches of the island, which offer idyllic landscapes and relaxing atmospheres.

The beaches of the north (between Spoa and Diafani) are located far away from the villages, and these can be reached only by boat or through dirt roads. These beaches are mostly hidden by the high mountains of Karpathos, only a few can be seen from the main road which leads between Spoa and Olymbos. Despite these beaches are located far away from civilisation, many of them are great places to swim in the crystal clear Aegean Sea or just relax on the beach. 

The north beaches are the most secluded beaches in Karpathos island, because the narrow and winding dirt roads which lead here are usually in poor conditions. These roads are not suitable for most of the cars, and by using these roads the cars are not covered by the insurance! The car rental companies in Karpathos usually recommend off-road vehicles for these road conditions, 4x4 or quad.

Because of this reasons the north beaches of Karpathos are visited by only a few tourists, offering much more privacy than elsewhere in the island. On most of the beaches in Karpathos nudism (naturism) is forbidden, but in the north there are some places where nudists can enjoy the feelings of freedom.

Most of the beaches in the north are characterized by steep cliffs, because many of them are a sea exit of a valley. Behind the beaches there are tamarisks and pine trees, which offer some natural shade for camp. Almost every beaches of the north have grey coloured pebbles and deep blue waters, many of these are ideal for snorkel also.

North beaches in Karpathos like as Agios Minas, Forokli

As expected, in the region there are no significant infrastructures located, with the only one exception at Agios Minas beach. Road signs also show the junction to Agios Minas beach, where a small family tavern and a picturesque chapel awaits visitors. Agis Minas beach is one of the beaches which are visited by a few excursion boats, so during high season the beach may slightly organized with some parasols and sunbeds.


Agios Minas beach

Agios Minas beach is one of the north beaches Karpathos, which is relatively easier to access due to the road signs. This is beach is famous from its tiny chapel, crystal clear waters and grey pebbles, which look nice. To get there you must leave behind the asphalted main road (a road sign shows the junction between Spoa and Olymbos), and a winding dirt road leads to the beach for 4 kilometers long. Agios Minas beach is located at the exit of a valley, with grey pebbles and blue waters. The sea is usually calm here, but the winds are getting stronger sometimes.

Agios Minas beach in Karpathos

The large bay is surrounded by pine trees and tamarisks, which offer some natural shade. In the top of the northern hill you can visit a chapel of Agios Minas, which is worth to go up, its garden has amazing panoramic views to the surrounding area. Some excursion boats also stop here for a few hours, so there is a small tavern a little further away, and the beach is usually organized with some parasols and sunbeds for rent.

Agios Minas coordinates: 35.689896, 27.189858


Nati beach

Nati beach is located only one kilometer away from Agios Minas beach, which looks similar to it. Nati beach is also a sea exit of a small valley, and characterized by grey pebbles, a few rocks in some places and clear waters.

Nati beach

In the background of the beach there are steep cliffs, which provide some natural shade only late afternoons.

Nati beach coordinates: 35.698300, 27.190243


Agnotia beach

Agnotia is a wide bay, which is surrounded by some hills. The beach has coarse sand with grayish pebbles and clear calm waters. You can find some natural shade under the tamarisk trees of the beach.

Agnotia beach

To reach Agnotia beach driving of an off-road vehicle is a must.

Coordinates: 35.668257, 27.176712


Forokli beach

If you would like to discover Forokli beach, catch a boat in Diafani, which is the nearest settlement. The surrounding dirt roads are usually in poor condition, which make the visit of Forokli beach more difficult (even if you have 4x4) than other beaches of the north. This is beach is totally unorganized, there can be find only grey rocks, pebbles and tamarisks.


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