There are a lot of travellers, who would like to discover Karpathos sights and attractions during their holiday. Karpathos island in Greece is recommended not just for beach addicts, but for everyone, who are interested in breathtaking natural attractions, and who appreciates the beautiful churches, chapels, and archeological sights.

Best sights, attractions and hidden gems in Karpathos

The island is quite small, but there can be find almost everywhere something interesting, in the villages and in uninhabited areas both when you are on a sightseeing tour. Among Karpathos sights, attractions and hidden gems there are some which can be reached only by a rented car due the location, but also several sights are situated in the villages, where the access is easier.

What are Karpathos sights and attractions?

The best sights in Karpathos are its natural attractions, with dramatic beauties of mountains, cliffs and beaches. On the island there were built countless beautiful chapels and churches, literally these buildings can be find everywhere on the island. The oldest churches date back to Byzantian times and preserve precious icons, paintings and religous objects.

There can be visit also some monuments and statues which the locals hold in high esteem, and these are important sights for the tourists also.

The museums of Karpathos are small, but on the exhibitions visitors can learn the interesting local traditions and the history of Karpathos island.

It's important to know, that Karpathos has just a few remarkable archeological sights which can be seen these days, because during the storms of history the ancient buildings were demolished in most of the cases. The most famous ancient town in Karpathos, Potideon, were ruined by earthquakes and conquerors, and the houses of Pigadia were built over the ruins of the town. The ruins of the ancient Arkesia (Ακρόπολη Αρχαίας Αρκάνσας) are in slightly better condition near Arkasa village on Paleokastro hill (Παλαιόκαστρο), but even there can be only seen the foundations of the houses.

And now let's take a look to the best sights and attractions of Karpathos in more detail!

Travel guide to Karpathos best sights and attractions

Karpathos sights and attractions

What to see in Karpathos island? The best sights and attractions of Karpathos.

Karpathos Agios Theodoros church

Agios Theodoros church

On the southwestern side of Karpathos island there was built is a small church of Ag. Theodoros, or Άγιος Θεόδωρος in Greek. The church of Agios Theodoros is best known in Karpathos for Agios Theodoros beach (Paralia Agios Theodoros, Παραλία Άγιος Θεόδωρος) and its interesting surroundings, which are totally different than other parts of Karpathos. […]

Agios Theodoros church

Paleokastro hill in Arkasa Karpathos


Paleokastro (Παλαιόκαστρο) near Arkasa village is an important archeological site of Karpathos island, because it was the place where the ancient city, Arkesia flourished, and the Acropolis of Arkesia can be found today. Where to find Paleokastro in Karpathos The hill of Paleokastro is located on the west coast of Karpathos island, directly next to

Paleokastro

Church Agios Nikolaos Finiki (Karpathos)

Church of Agios Nikolaos (Finiki)

The small church of Finiki, known as Agios Nikolaos (Εκκλησία Άγιος Νικόλαος in Greek) is a small, but picturesque building on a hill. If you visit Finiki village (Φοινίκι) in Karpathos island, you will meet at first sight with the typical church of village, because it was built in a hill above the port, and

Church of Agios Nikolaos (Finiki)

Eparchio Karpathos Pigadia Town Hall District building

Pigadia Town Hall (Eparchio)

The Town Hall, or known as Eparchio Karpathou (Επαρχείο Καρπάθου) is one of the most important building in Pigadia, Karpathos island. When you discover Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos, you will surely meet with a big, characteristic building on the seaside, between the main port and the small marina. About Eparchio (Pigadia Town Hall) The

Pigadia Town Hall (Eparchio)

Port of Karpathos (Pigadia port)

Port of Karpathos (Pigadia port)

The port of Karpathos or known as Pigadia port (Λιμάνι Καρπάθου) is the largest port of the island, which is used by ferries, excursion boats and fishing boats. The port is situated on the northeast part of Pigadia, where the large rocky hill can be seen. For its access you have to drive by car

Port of Karpathos (Pigadia port)

Chapel of Agia Fotini Pigadia Karpathos sights

Agia Fotini

The ruins of Agia Fotini are interesting set of stones and ancient walls, located in the suburbs of Pigadia, in the east side of Karpathos island. Chapel Of Agia Fotini (Αγία Φωτεινή in Greek) is one of the few ancient sights of Karpathos, which remained from the past. Archeologists said that Agia Fotini was a

Agia Fotini

Port of Kato Lefkos Karpathos sights

Lefkos port

The port of Kato Lefkos is a picturesque, but very tiny place for boats in Karpathos, located in the central bay of the fishing village. It’s just a pier, but if you like charming views, it’s worth a short walk to Lefkos port when you spend your time at this place. Location and access of

Lefkos port

Archeological Museum of Karpathos, Pigadia

Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

The Archeological Museum of Karpathos (Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Καρπάθου) is a small, but important museum in Pigadia, with an interesting collection of ancient artifacts. Where to find the Archeological Museum in Pigadia? The Archeological Museum of Karpathos has very easy access in Pigadia, because it is located near the small port, just a few meters away.

Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

Agia Kiriaki in Karpathos island Greece, best sights near Pigadia

Agia Kyriaki

Agia Kyriaki is a small, but interesting sight near Pigadia, which was built over rocky hills in Karpathos island. The church is also known as Agia Kiriaki on the maps and Αγία Κυριακή in Greek, and despite the nearness of Pigadia usually it has just a few visitors. Where to find Agia Kyriaki in Karpathos

Agia Kyriaki

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