The best sunsets in Karpathos island

There are amazing sunsets in Karpathos, just know where to find the best places to admire the most beautiful sunsets of the island!

Your first thing to watch an amazing sunset is to find a place from the list below, which are located mostly in the western side of Karpathos. Amazing colours fills the sky, while the sea, the clouds and the horizon sparkle with millions of orange and red shades! 

Where can you find the most beautiful sunsets of Karpathos? 

At the hills of Arkasa

The largest city in the western side of Karpathos island offers one of the most amazing sunsets of the island. Its dramatic landscape and the interesting charm of Arkasa guarantee the exceptional panoramas for sunsets.

At the top of Olymbos

On the western side of Olymbos you can watch breathtaking sunsets among the mills, as the sun kisses the sea!

Sunset in Mesochori

The area of Mesochori is also a great location for a spectacular sunset.

The heights above Lefkos village

The picturesque fishing village has really nice sunsets.


Karpathos sunset view point

Views from Pyles

Pyles village is a first class sunset spot, with the view of Kasos island and southwestern region of Karpathos!

Sunsets in Pigadia

The capitol of Karpathos, Pigadia is located in the eastern side of the island, but despite this fact the sunsets with the surrounding hills are very nice!

Pigadia sunset


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