Karpathos chapels and churches

The chapels and small churches can be find almost everywhere in Karpathos, from the southern tip of the island to the northernmost point.

Visitors of Karpathos will meet these tiny chapels and churches in every village, on the slopes of the surrounding hills, in the valleys, and also on the top of the highest mountains. Many chapels date back hundreds of years, and some of these buildings still preserves Byzantine frescoes. The chapels are often open to public, but some are kept locked and you will have to hunt for the key in the nearest village. These sacred chapels and churches of Karpathos reflect the deeply religious character of the island, which is present on Karpathos for centuries.

Some of the most beautiful chapels and small churches in Karpathos island are the following, but in addition to these, you can discover dozens more!


Chapel of Achata beach

Achata beach chapel


Agios Spiridonas church over Menetes village

Menetes small church and chapel


Chapel at Amoopi

Amoopi small church and chapel, Karpathos


Chapel in Olymbos

Olympos chapel and small church


Byzantine chapel on the top of Olymbos

Olympus church, Byzantian chapel


Agios Theodoros chapel, next to Arkasa

Agios Theodoros chapel Karpathos


Agios Nikolaos church in Finiki

Finiki church and chapel


Agia Kara near Pigadia

Agia Karai church, Pigadia Karpathos


A small chapel close to Aperi

Aperi chapel


Chapel in south Karpathos

Church next to Arkasa village


One of the oldest chapels in Karpathos, Agios Loukas, next to Apella beach

Agios Loukas chapel, Apella beach Karpathos


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