Church of Olympos village (Olymbos) Karpathos

One of the most beautiful churches of Karpathos is located in Olymbos, on the top of the famous traditional village.

You can find this amazing church at the end of the pedestrian street in Olymbos. When you visit the village, just walk through the main street, and the church will be there in front of you. The beautifully renovated church in Olymbos was built hundreds of years ago, next to the building there is a bell tower and a tiny churchyard. On this small terrace there are blooming flowers, marble ormanents and sculptures.  

Olympos church in Karpathos island

Olympos church

Inside the walls of the church there are many frescoes which are dated from the Byzantian times. These old paintings represents some interesting biblical scenes, and some of these Byzantian artworks were emerged from under the newer paintings! The church of Olymbos hosts also several gold plated relics, sacred icons and chandaliers. 

Olympos church interior, wall paintings from Byzantian era

Olympos wall paintings

Byzantian frescoes of the church in Olympos

The church of Olymbos is dedicated to Virgin Mary, and beause of that its exact name is 'Assumption of Virgin Mary'. There are several other beautiful churches and chapels in Olymbos, but this is the most famous and the most visited church in the village. Don't miss to find and visit the church of Olymbos, when you discover the village! 

Where to stay in Olymbos

Aphrodite Hotel (up to 2 - 3 guests)

Olymbos Archipelagos (up to 4 guests)

Anemos Guest House (up to 3 guests)

Kalliopis Studio (2 guests)

Irene's House (up to 4 guests)

Nacros Villa (4 guests)

Villa Nisiria (up to 4 guests) 


Assumption of Virgin Mary church (Olymbos church) additional info

  • 43 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.740931, 27.173079
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