Agricultural Museum of Pyles, Karpathos sights

Pyles village has a small outdoor museum, which presents the agriculture of the past centuries in Karpathos.

You can find the Agricultural Museum on the southeastern side of Pyles, directly at the entrance of the village. The museum has mainly outdoor exhibitions, because it is a home for many agricultural plants and mediterranean trees. In the courtyard visitors can see an old wine press, a traditional windmill, and a little farmhouse with a lot of old tools.

You can find here a small theater also, where the visitors can listen some presentations. Next to the farmhouse there are some living animals, like chickens or donkey. This small Agricultural Museum offers to its visitors a glimpse into the old times of Karpathos, when the residents of the island lived mainly on agriculture. 

Agricultural Museum of Pyles

Agricultural Museum of Karpathos island

Agricultural Museum of Karpathos additional info

  • coordinates: 35.530545, 27.134533 (east side of Pyles village)
  • opening hours: 11:00 - 16:00
  • closed on Sundays
  • entry fee: approx. 3 Euro
  • outdoor museum
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