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The cave of Poseidon is a natural and a historical sight both in Karpathos, only a few kilometers from Pigadia.

Poseidon's cave is a small but interesting cave, which is located in the surrounding hills of Pigadia. When archaeologists searched the interior several years ago, they find some ancient artifacts, which prove that the cave is one of the oldest historical evidence about the ancient life of Karpathos. The cave was used as a temple of Poseidon and maybe Aphrodite, but in the last centuries the purpose of the sanctuary was forgotten, and it was a shelter of sheperds. Some of the archeological finds of the cave can be visited in the Archeological Museum of Karpathos.

Karpathos cave, Poseidon cave Pigadia

A several million years ago the cave was below the surface of the sea. In the walls there are dozens of petrified shells! From the entrance of Poseidon's cave you can also see the nearby houses and hotels of Pigadia.

The cave of Poseidon is hidden in the suburban area of Pigadia, but not too difficult to find. Just take a look to the coordinates below where a small hiking trail lead upstairs, you have to walk only a few meters. 

Poseidon's cave additional info

  • coordinates: 35.501144, 27.198116 (next to Pigadia)
  • entry fee: free
  • outdoor archeological site


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