Sokastro islet, Lefkos sights

The small islet next to Lefkos is called Sokastro, and it mostly known by its Byzantian ruins.

Sokastro is located on the western side of Karpathos, next to Lefkos village. The islet was probably a small peninsula of the main island once, which was separated after a huge earthquake. The islet is a rocky place with steep cliffs, but there are some ruins of medieval buildings and walls from the Byzantine times. The legends said that the Byzantine emperor himself, Nikephoros II Phokas had his shelter in Sokastro, while he was fighting against the pirates. Sokastro is secluded and uninhabitated place, which has only a few visitors during the summer. The small islet can be only accessed by boat, or if you swim!

Sokastro next to Lefkos

Sokastro, Lefkos

Sokastro additional info

  • coordinates: 35.595853, 27.065741 (next to Lefkos)
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