Menetes 2nd World War Memorial in Karpathos island

The famous Memorial of Menetes is a statue of a greek soldier, which symbolizes the liberty of Karpathos.

The War Memorial is located on a hill, between Menetes village and Pigadia, only one kilometer from Menetes. The largest statue of Karpathos island stands next to the hairpin bends, in front of a small church and a cemetery. The memorial is dedicated to the World War II heroes of Menetes and also the residents of Karpathos island, who fought heriocally against the German and Italian invaders. The area of Menetes was the one of the most important headquarters of the resistance, and this part of the island was liberated first in 1944. 

Menetes World War II Memorial

War Memorial of Menetes, sights of Karpathos

Menetes War Memorial in Karpathos

On October 5, 1944

 Where to find the War Memorial in Menetes village next to Pigadia

Menetes War Memorial additional info

  • coordinates: 35.489536, 27.174724 (next to Menetes village)
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