Olympos windmills in Karpathos

The stone windmills of the traditional Olymbos village are iconic features of Karpathos island, which are reminiscent of the old days.

According to many, Olymbos village is one of the most interesting and beautiful villages in Karpathos. The old windmills that can be seen everywhere in the village, greatly contribute to the exceptional sight of Olymbos. These characteristic buildings were built on the slopes of the high mountains, on the steep cliffs, or next to the houses, but the most of the windmills stand on a hill overlooking the area.

These buildings are facing towards the west, where the strongest winds come from. There are currently dozens of windmills in Olymbos, but today most of the windmills are unused. The first windmills in the area were built in the 10-11th century, but they were renovated several times in the past. In the last decades the significance of windmillis became less and less important, and have been transformed into restaurants or storage rooms.

Old windmills in Olympos Karpathos

Greek windmills in Karpathos island

Despite most of the the windmills are in ruined condition, a few of these buildings are well maintened, and can be admire.


Karpathos Olympos old windmills

Windmills in Olympos

Inside a windmill, windmill interior in Greece


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