Karpathos taxi service

Karpathos taxi

Taxi service in Karpathos island is one of the significant elements in public transport.

The main taxi station of Karpathos is located in Pigadia, where taxis can be find, but there is a central telephone number to call a taxi in Karpathos.

Karpathos taxis have fixed prices, and also can be used for private tours for discovering the island if you want to avoid car rental or public bus transport. It’s worth to know that despite the fixed prices taxi fares are significantly higher than public bus transport, but offer much comfortable solution, it’s your choice.

Karpathos taxi phone number

If you would like to call a taxi in Karpathos, just call the central number of taxi station.

The operator will ask your actual location, so if you are waiting for taxi in your hotel or apartments, just say the name of the accommodation, and the number of passengers.

Karpathos taxi station phone number: +30 22 450 22 705

Taxis of Karpathos can be used also for transfer between Karpathos Airport and your accommodation. During summer season when charters and domestic flights arrive to Karpathos island more frequent, usually in front of the airport of Karpathos there can be find some taxis.

Karpathos taxi service, number, prices, fares

It’s worth to know that in Karpathos island there are just a few taxis, and usually most of these are located in Pigadia, so if you would like to call a taxi in Arkasa, Lefkos, Olymbos or in other villages, it could happen that near can’t be find.

Where to find a taxi station in Karpathos

The location of the taxi station in Karpathos island is located near the port of Pigadia, on Dimokratias street. Near the taxi station there was built a large parking lot for cars, which can be used for free. There are some signs which show the way to the taxi station in Pigadia.

  • Taxi station location: Dimokratias street, in the southeastern side of Pigadia (Karpathos town)
  • Coordinates: 35.506839, 27.215388
Karpathos taxi station

Have a safe trip by Karpathos island taxis!

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