Villages in Karpathos island

What are the most beautiful villages in Karpathos? Which villages can't be missed during a visit in Karpathos island? Travel guide to the villages, towns and seaside resorts.

Discover the picturesque villages of Karpathos in Greece, where hidden gems are awaiting for visitors! The best seaside resorts, fishing villages and mountain settlements are very special places with interesting history, traditional houses and panoramic views. Let't take a look below.

Take a pleasant walk in Pigadia (Karpathos town), the capital of Karpathos, which is a charming small town in Greece with taverns, shops, and unique atmospheres. Visit Olymbos (Olympos), where ancient traditions are preserved and known as a living folklore museum of Greece.

Enjoy the views of the famous seaside resorts, Kato Lefkos or Amoopi, where the sea is crystal clear and characterized by millions of turquoise and emerald colours. Relax in the fishing villages of Finiki or Agios Nikolaos, and taste the local cuisine. Karpathos island is far famous for its mountain villages, so it's definitely worth to see Aperi, Volada, Othos, Pyles, Menetes and Mesochori villages. There are also special settlements also, where Afiartis (Kipi Afirti) is the home of windsurf, Arkasa (Arcesin) is well known for its archeological findings, Diafani for hiking routes, or Avlona for its agricultural significance.

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Now let's see the travel guides to the villages of Karpathos island, Greece!

Karpathos villages

Guide to the best villages, towns of Karpathos island, Greece with photos.

Karpathos Amoopi Ammopi Lakki

Amoopi (Ammopi, Lakki)

Amoopi is a small seaside resort of Karpathos island with several amazing beaches, just a few kilometers away from the capital, Pigadia. The village is known also by other names: Ammopi, Lakki (Λακκί in Greek) indicate the same place, depending on the map you are looking at. Due to its varied beaches and to the […]

Amoopi (Ammopi, Lakki)

Pigadia (Karpathos town) guide


Pigadia is a beautiful capital of Karpathos island, which is definitely worth a sightseeing. On maps you can find this town is also as Karpathos town, or Κάρπαθος in Greek, same as the island. This charming small town is located on the east side of the island, a few kilometers from the airport. Pigadia is

Pigadia

Travel guide to Olymbos Karpathos Greece

Olymbos (Olympos)

Olymbos, or known as Olympos is one of the most famous villages in Karpathos island and also in Greece, which offers interesting history, ancient traditions and amazing panoramic views for its visitors. The village is usually described a ‘living folklore museum of Greece’, and in Karpathos Olymbos is definitely one of the best attractions and

Olymbos (Olympos)

Aperi village Karpathos Greece


Aperi is a traditional mountain village in Karpathos, Greece, which was the capital of the island many years ago. It is located just 8 kilometers away from Pigadia, and it is famous for its great panoramic views and mountain atmospheres. It can be important info for travellers that Aperi has very easy access, because the

Aperi

Agios Nikolaos Karpathos of Spoa guide

Agios Nikolaos (Spoa)

Agios Nikolaos is a tiny fishing village in Karpathos island, which is located in the shade of the northeast mountains. Ag. Nikolaos (Άγ. Νικόλαος in Greek) is known also as the port of Spoa (Σπόα), a larger village a few kilometers away above the hills. Where to find Agios Nikolaos in Karpathos The capital of

Agios Nikolaos (Spoa)

Afiartis Karpathos Greece windsurf

Afiartis (Kipi Afiarti)

The small village of Karpathos is also known as Kipi Afiarti or Κήποι Αφιαρτη in Greek, and it is southernmost village in the island. Afiartis is recommended especially for windsurfers, because the beaches of the area are quite windy and offer the best surfing options. Where is Afiartis (Kipi Afiarti) located in Karpathos? Afiartis is

Afiartis (Kipi Afiarti)

Arkasa Arcesin Karpathos island Greece

Arkasa (Arcesine)

Arkasa is one of the largest villages in Karpathos island, and it is known as Arcesine, or Αρκάσα in Greek. The town is located in the southwest, about 15 kilometers to Pigadia and 11 kilometers to the airport. Informations about Arkasa in Karpathos island This town is one of the oldest settlements in Karpathos, because

Arkasa (Arcesine)

Lefkos Karpathos


Lefkos is a picturesque fishing village of Karpathos island with the best beaches of the area, located on the west coast. It is usually known as Kato Lefkos or Κάτω Λευκός in Greek, because this seaside resort was just a small port for decades. The village is one of the most charming places in Karpathos

Lefkos

Diafani village Karpathos Greece


Diafani is a charming, mid-size coastal settlement in Karpathos located in the northeast side of the island. The village is a popular destination for boat cruises which depart from Pigadia, because some excursions to Olymbos go through. In Karpathos Diafani can be find on maps as Diafanion or Διαφάνι in Greek, and it is a

Diafani

Guide to Finiki village in Karpathos island Greece


Finiki is a quite small, but very lovely fishing village on the west coast, near Arkasa. In Karpathos Finiki village is one of the small gems of the island, offering whitewashed houses and famous fish taverns. This interesting village belongs to Arkasa (Arcesine) administratively, and the distance between these two villages is just about one

Finiki

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