The most southern village in Karpathos island is a small settlement, recommended especially for the surfers.

Afiartis is located just 2 kilometers north from the airport of Karpathos and 13 km south from Pigadia. The village has very easy access, because it is located directly next to the main road between the airport and Amoopi. 

Afiartis, windsurf spot in Karpathos

The atmospheres of the region and of course itself Afiartis village are very calm. There was built only a few buildings, apartments and small hotels in the area. Afiartis is a very popular destination in Karpathos for windsurfers due to the special winds of the surrounding bays. Visitors will see mostly surfers at the beaches of Afiartis, to enjoy the sun, the sea, and the unique surf conditions of course. Afiartis has some large bays with coarse sand and crystal clear waters, but usually these beaches are not crowded. There are some flat slippery rocks at some places, so be careful when you go into the sea.  


The southernmost village in Karpathos

The region of Afiartis is surprisingly flat, in contrast to other areas of Karpathos island you can't find wild mountains or hills here. This countryside is the most flatten area in Karpathos island, it looks like plains. This is the main reason, why the airport was built here several years ago.


Why visit Afiartis 

  • During summer months this place is the beating heart of the windsurfer community
  • If you would like to see windsurf in Karpathos, this is the best spot to catch them
  • Calm atmospheres
  • Shallow beaches in the area


Where to stay in Afiartis

Michail Suites (rooms for 2-3)

Kalimera Karpathos Exclusive Villas (for 2-4 guests)

Villa Ntora

Princess Studios

Poseidon Blue (2-3 person, next to Damatria beach)

Ciel Boutique Villas (villas to 2-4 person)

Cato Agro villa (up to 7 guests)


Afiartis, Karpathos south surfing

Afiartis beach

Afiartis additional info

  • location: 13 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.446101, 27.154312
  • can be accessed via asphalt road
  • taverns and coffee bars
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